Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dale the snail, Sep 2, 2004.

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  1. should He come back

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  2. should he come back

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  1. It has been brought to my attention by all the ARRSE ladies and gents (and a few of the gay men), that there is a certain person missing from our lives. I feel that we need to offer him some incentives to return.

    I, myself, am offering a lapdance from BBC and myself, a snog with Antphillip, a cabaret of MDN and Aunty Stella with a pink feather boa and a quick flash of my norks. Lippy will be selling hot-dogs.

    Can anyone else offer anything else to help the cause????

    I eagerly await your answers.
  2. Missing....presumed GORGEOUS

    I will mix his cocktails and whisper sweet words of adoration in his ear, whilst softly stroking his hair and guiding his cursor home to arrse.

  3. please come backi reahave i really really we miss you!!!

  4. My Dearest Dale,

    I will offer to clean his billet whilst dressed as a french maid, with a fether duster grasped by my rectal muscles

    Should this fail to entice (which I doubt) I will bring along the newly formed massed choirs of arrse and will conduct them through Handel's Messiah and other favourite pieces in his garden.

    Yours in Musical Genius

  5. Good CO,

    Come back, theres a few liters of stella in it for you, which i'm no longer allowed to drink, because it makes me fart napalm.

  6. 2 weeks in my caravan .......supply your own car 8)
  7. bump :lol: the girlz made me do it!!
  8. cough cough my other forum account is Good CO, by the way did you miss me?
  9. Sorry to dissapoint, but I slotted him for being a boring shirt-lifter with the personality of mongolian hill goat on mogadon.

    harsh, but ultimately fair! :lol:
  10. He tried to transfer to the RAF then woopert?
  11. Spose I can't tempt him with a blown up microwaved saveloy and some dried up chips then? OK will throw in a pickled egg for GOOD measure 8) :lol: Generous of me innit???
  12. Awww - GCO.....................Missing ya....................come back.....................Purleeeeeeese...................

  13. msr

    msr LE

    No, the RLC.

  14. He is always here......

    If not, I believe he may be in the clutches of some dusky ravishing beauty trying to separate him from his gratuity :wink:
  15. Good CO,
    Would you be tempted back with the offer of rolling around naked with Aunty and the chance of being dirty with the little fella?
    If so let us know soon.
    We have to think of a plan to get MDN to let him go........ :wink: