MI6 v Tomlinson

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, May 6, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Oh dear.

    More O2 thievery (on all sides) . . . . .
  3. For fucks sake.

    Getting my SCUBA gear out now.
  4. :roll: "The evil Met Police Special Branch finally returned my belongings yesterday, over eight months after they raided my home to steal them. Of course, there was not a word of apology from them at the disruption and expense they have caused me. And of course, there is no chance whatsoever of receiving any compensation. It is incredible in this day and age that the police have the powers to do this sort of raid on entirely innocent people, and that they have absolutely total impunity and no obligation to pay compensation when they get it wrong.

    I am seething with anger at this, and have already taken my revenge against them. Utterly stupid and nasty people."

    Entirely innocent????????????? so he didn't break the Official Secrets Act? We have obviously been misled all these years then and I imagined reading his book :roll:
  5. The 'man' is a total c*ck, who clearly has issues about being inadequte in his previous job and life, and has instead decided to launch himself on an odessy of fantasy, getting himself as much attention as he can muster to try and support his limp wristed ego.

  6. Following on TFA, from about 13 years ago I rember Tomlinson from his TA days. Suffice to say I would harbour some doubts about him being a victim and deserving our sympathy and tend to agree wirh TFA.
  7. Is he still loose?
  8. What's he on about?

    Lord Goldsmith, SIS, Special Branch - all telling fibs?

  9. From whispers that I've heard, its fair to say that most of the claims in his book are wildly innacurate and he himself is a Grade A fantasist. Not sure what planet he is on, but its definitely not this one!
  10. By no means impossible, in this most-watched-and-watching of all societies.

    But ane fule kno Thomplinnsun is Fotherington-Thomas by annuthur name, and so we diskard him!

    Grabber and Mrs Joyfull shall kno of this . . . . . .
  11. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    SIS...'duplicity'....surely not...
  12. Sappers had a near miss with him.
    After Cambridge,so I'm reliably informed,it was either Sappers or MI6 for him.Phew!!!
  13. And in the meantime it became 21! What an option. Nice fella to start with, even allowing for the 'Kiwi' factor. Bright, arrogant, self aware, just couldn't handle the 'darker' side, even allowing the lads who could. Rollerblade your life away my brother, there's guys who can! What a waste............
  14. Should have added, don't give a tinker's fcuk about October. If you are a guy who relies on conspiricies ,you'll have probably surmised that this website has a collection of military boys who are grounded. Roselyn Chapel, do me feckin a favour!
    So you really want to say what?????? ...... over to you in this forum..........
    And hey rollerblader, go on, sell me your viewpoint......