Mi6 (SIS) had assets within UK Media....Radio 4 this evening

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bigeye, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. Just been listening to a report on the wireless: BBC News - The 'secret agents' of the UK press

    All I can say is that it would be astonishing if they weren't.

    In the late 80's a colleague told me of another colleague 'Jack T' who had been invited to tea at an address in Whitehall to discuss his forthcoming trip to to Sofia. He was doing something on Bulfracht a Bulgarian shipping company that had been involved in moving T type tanks about (allegedly). Our intrepid colleague had been unwise enough to blab about this to us- and was most pissed off when the two of us took the piss out of Jack's new Bond like status. None of us ever mentioned it again and he continued to visit various Eastern Block countries for some time as far as I know.

    It was a well known fact that Mi5 had an office at TV centre and we continue to take the piss out of another colleague who gets his 'orders' from Thames House.

    ...how the BBC can run a story about possible Mi6 involvement within the Beeb without any reference to
    F**** G****** at all beats me.
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    News just in: Bear in 'Shits in the Woods' revelation!!
  3. It would be more of a surprise if they didn't. I wonder what assets they have in the arts as well.
  4. I expect a fair few were working for the KGB/GRU/Stazi.....
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  5. They've got some very nice paintings.
  6. Well that's pretty well documented:

    Kim Philby worked on the foreign desk of a few newspapers including The Telegraph.
  7. Until very recently BBC World Service was financed by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Certain BBC facilities of the BBC such as Caversham are also conduits for GCHQ.
  8. Caversham is the archive centre I think. Allowing GCHQ to have a shufty over the odd WS broadcast is a bit different from using journos in the field as agents. It's akin to, say, Brit SF posing as camera crews.
  9. Not quite. It's a foreign broadcast monitoring facility. Hardly a necessity for the BBC at any time and even less so in these straightened times.
  10. Or posing as anything else, builders etc. How ridiculous.
  11. I'm not sure the strategic merit of posing as a builder in Baghdad during a war would be that great...
  12. There is a vast amount of money to be made post bellum rebuilding the infrastructure. It pays to get in at an early stage.
  13. The BBC Monitoring Service has been going for sometime. They get their news from foreign broadcasts as well as other sources. Nothing sneaky beaky about that. They reference it quite often when things like Chechnya break out and also when the Sovs intervened in Hungary in 56. It's been going since 1939 and has been cut back quite drastically.

  14. Image1.jpg

    Security's a bit hefty for wonderful Radio Berkshire.
  15. I see 2 open gates and no sign of any static guards or cctv. This Makes New Broadcasting House look like Aldermaston.