MI6 payouts over secret LSD tests

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. Good news for the guys concerned, but it's more of a token gesture rather than a compensatory offer...

  2. They should have said someone sexually harrassed them, they would have been paid a lot more.
  3. Blimey,

    they get free drugs legally, and then get a pay out for it. I'm in the wrong job.
  4. I think it shows breathtaking incompetence by the CDT teams!
  5. I caught a snippet on the radio this morning about 3 lads who'd been given LSD at the medical trials unit at, presumably, Porton Down. They were jollied up in the name of science (I used that excuse once, but it didn't cut much ice...); they thought they were being tested for the common cold but were surrepticiously sent on the trip of a lifetime! HMG is compensating them.

    When I first heard 'soldiers' and 'drugs' mentioned in the same sentence, naturally I assumed they were talking about the latest Green Howard escapade, which, I notice, has not yet made it to Arrse.
  6. Mind you, I wouldn't trust the buggers not to give me a feckin great shot of squalene or something in that line...even your friendly local dealer wouldn't do that you - after all, there's no profit in it
  7. That looks well fun! I want LSD!
  8. Shouldn't laugh but had BBC news at lunchtime on in the background and heard they were talking about this and the Newsreader said "Let's go over live to one of the Ex-Servicemen who had LSD tested on him"...I turned round expecting someone twitching in the studio, trying to catch non-exsistent flies and watching the trails from his hands!

    He was (of course) a repectable suited Gentleman who told of his expoits - said he was told to drink a sherry glass full of clear liquid with the Officer in charge giving him a "Bottoms up!" and he said almost straight away the grill radiator turned into an playing Accordian whilst the floor pattern span like a Catherine Wheel and he said he ended up riding around on a bike with his mate down the corridors laughing his head off until someone grabbed him.

    Sounds like a great afternoon - I imagine the nightmares / flashbacks and god knows what else he had afterwards weren't enjoyable!
  9. "The attacking team lost all sense of urgency"

    "The TP had to have the way pointed out to him, even though it was in plain sight....700 yards away"

    Foockin' classic! I was born in the wrong era.
  10. These idiots a) volunteered, b) got paid for it, c) got a few days off and d) even if they did think that they were doing experiments to cure the common cold, and everyone knows they must have been stupid to have even believed that ro if that's what they were told, who's to say that way back, before everything was known about LSD, they didn't just give them LSD to see if they'd get a cold at the same time?

    Threeex servicemen saw a chance to make a biuck and hopped on the band wagon. Well for a the price of the world thinking they are either simple or idiots, they got less than 10k split between the three of them. Hope they have to pay their lawyers out of that as well.

    No sympathy from this C/S.
  11. I wonder if the army are going to do a re-run of those tests....for nostalgia reasons.

    I'd sign up straight away !
  12. What a strange arguement. So its basically their fault because they believed what they were told? Would you also apply that mentality to people who are suffering from Gulf War Syndrome?

    In the forties, this was considered to be a cure for schziophrenia. I'm sure the MOD knew that. So, these servicemen deserve compensation for being lied to. Jesus, if people have a "your in the Army son" mentality about something like this, is the Army ever going to modernise?

  13. 8O What a load of sheite!
  14. I've got to agree with PP on this one. Can remember the Fleet AFO's issued for this in the '50's and everyone on the mess deck had the brains to realise that this had eff-all to do with the common cold. Having said that, there were one or two in the Ships Company that thought about the 'perks' and thought that the Navy would not deliberately allow one to come to any harm :roll: PTSD and GWS is a different kettle of fish.