MI6 in torture probe by police

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/8250805.stm

    MI6? It is impossible because...


  2. Just because an individual may or may not have done something doesn't mean the people they work for knew about it.
    I sure if anyone ever goes down for killing Alexander Litvinenko they won't have been working on the orders of the NKVD I mean the FSB.
  3. ... or MI5 or MI6 or CIA, who knows. The scandal with his mysterious death was used to spoil relations between Russian and the UK. Who was interested in it?
  4. Don't even try that one, Sergie. Litvinenko was killed in as dramatic a manner - glow in the dark tea FFS! - to make a point to anyone else who might p1ss off the FSB: we don't care where you hide or what other countries think. We will kill you, and international relations be damned.
  5. It is unclear mate was he ever been killed. We only source that claim that Polonium 210 was used are British secret services. Polonium was for the first time mentioned at the day of his death. Previouslt only Thallium (standard component of rat poison) was mentioned.

    Blood samples were not transferred to outside the UK (to Russia for example). Moreover all evidences British side keeps secret. Thus, it is impossible to claim anything.

    In this case mr.Litvinenko is a strange target. Former KGB colonel Gordievskiy is indeed a traitor of highest scale.
  6. or so the Ruskies would like us to believe.
  7. Traitors... They (Kim Philby for example) are usefull but nobody respect them even in the country they helped.

    Recently. mr.Gordievskiy was shown on Russian TV. He lives in fact without being guarded and is a relatively easy target.
  8. Fcuk off you red cnut.

    I am sick to the back teeth of you picking on every possible sniff of something less than perfect with our Services, be they military or intelligence.

    So get your crimplene suit on, and fcuk off and sip some beetroot soup.
  9. Sorry mate, I think Seregey has a point
  10. Before we all mount the high horse, the investigation has been initiated because MI6, following an internal investigation (not prompted by the press etc) found worrying evidence of a possible crime, and referred the matter to the Attorney General. The AG in turn passed it to the police to investigate.

    The fact MI6 had the courage to do so, and not keep quiet, must surely reinforce ones faith that they are carrying out their difficult task and still staying within the law.

    Now MI5 on the other hand.........
  11. Well, that is the positive spin :wink:
  12. Gordievsky is indeed a pompous git - his ego massaged by endless MI6 officers telling him that he is a hero - even though he betrayed is country for money.

    At least our British "traitors" (Philby, Maclean, Blake etc) were motivated only by a genuine belief that communism was a better solution than Nazism.

    Back to the original subject - the torture claims - it is a step forward that MI6 are now voluntarily contacting Special Plod if their officers are suspected of illegal acts. It was not like that in the past - they would do all they could to cover up crimes commited by their officers - even on British soil, against British citizens.
  13. And yet more positive spin. The Secret Intelligence Service have without doubt put this case forward because it is expedient to do so not because they wanted to.
  14. Don't go walking near any woods, old chap! :twisted: