MI6 head: Russia was an obstacle to reach a solution in Iraq

Sorry, it is BBC but in Russian.


John Sawers, claimed that Russia made obstacles to peacefull solution the problem around Iraq before the war. He said to the MPs that Russia bears responsibility that all attemts to find a solution in Iraq failed because Russia allegedly blocked new sanctions in the UNSC.

Now we know that there were no any WMD in Iraq. So any santions were pointless.
Sorry but this whole thread is pointless. How can Russia have been an obstacle to peace in Iraq when it was the US who was gunning for war there without any clear objective/reason?
Cabana said:
Sorry but this whole thread is pointless. How can Russia have been an obstacle to peace in Iraq when it was the US who was gunning for war there without any clear objective/reason?
No doubt that mr.Sawers is highly intelligent person. If he makes such claims then he estimates mental abilities of others very low.
And in English - well, almost:
The head of MI-6: a peaceful solution in Iraq has prevented Russia
John Soz

In 2001, John Soz was an adviser to Tony Blair on Foreign Affairs

The head of British intelligence, John Soz said that a peaceful solution to the Iraqi conflict that led ultimately to intervene militarily in Iraq, has prevented Russia.

The statement was made in the ongoing public hearings in London on the inquiry into the Iraq war began.
At that time, Soz, now headed by MI-6, served as adviser to Prime Minister Tony Blair's foreign affairs and participated in the negotiations on solving the conflict over the situation in Iraq.
Speaking Thursday before members of the British Parliament, he stated that Russia is responsible for the failure of attempts to introduce in 2001 against the regime of Saddam Hussein's so-called "smart sanctions" that would avoid armed clashes.

Commercial interests

A parliamentary commission is trying to find out why the British government felt it necessary to send troops to Iraq and have been exhausted peaceful means to solve problems that created the regime of Saddam Hussein, the international community.
"Smart sanctions" failed ultimately because of the fact that they did not agree to Russian ... As high-ranking Russians have admitted to us they were concerned about their commercial interests in Iraq.

John Soz

In 2001, the Americans and British against Iraq, offered to introduce so-called "smart sanctions". They were allowed to import into Iraq of all commodities, except those which are considered suitable for military use. John Soz was present in the development of this plan as an adviser to British prime minister.
On Thursday, the question of why seeking the imposition of these sanctions by the UN Security Council failed, he replied that they prevented the adoption of his delegation.

"They have failed in the end because of the fact that they did not agree to Russian", - said Soz.
"The official pretext for this was that the new sanctions regime was allegedly in their opinion, too broad and complex. But the real reason was that, as a high-ranking Russians have admitted to us they were worried for their own commercial interests in Iraq", - said head of British intelligence.

In 2001, Western diplomats also noted that Russia sought the return of several billion dollars that it owes Iraq in Soviet times.

John Soz recalled that in 2001 acted program of "oil for food program, which suited Baghdad more than the proposed" smart sanctions ". According to a former adviser to Tony Blair, the Iraqis decided not to allow the introduction of new restrictions put pressure on Russia, a permanent member of UN Security Council.

"The Iraqis have threatened to break off contracts with Russia if it agrees to new sanctions. This has led to what Russian, in turn, threatened to veto the resolution if we imagine it to golosovenie" - told Soz.
I think Soz is the nom-de-guerre of one J. Sawers, a facebook friend of mine...
KGB_resident said:
It's interesting that BBC gives the information in Russian but doen't repeat it in English.
Not it's not.
I find the best thing about this thread is at the bottom i have an advert for russian brides, although i'm happy to have one imported aged 18, 80 is a tad old.
If the entire Russian federation would have consisted of millions of square miles occupied by one man that had sworn an oath of silence with only a Juniper bush for company, someone, somewhere, would have still found a way to throw the blame and they would have probably worked for the BBC.

The entire conflict was based on bullsh1t, a shell of lies concocted by the yanks and us that was so see through it would normally be banned before the watershed.

Don't get me wrong, I was there the first time around and Saddam was a complete and utter cnut that deserved a good shoeing with a public execution to boot, we should have been allowed to do it then when we had lots of Arab support, but it was not to be.

I don't think that a "peaceful solution" and it's blocking or implementation of had anything at all to do wth our Vodka fuelled cousins, the Yank administration of the day had their agenda and it was always going to go that way.

Fcuk all to do with terrorism or freedom though, more to do with running a 4.0L V8

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