MI6 ~ 00 Licence to Kill?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TheBigUn, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. Since 1969? Quite plausible I think. It doesn't mean to say that MI6 never killed anyone - just that lethal force wasn't "authorised" i.e. an extra judicial execution.
  2. i not saying there a bunch of murdering yahoo's (honest) but if they did order anyone dead they aint really gonna admit it are they? bad pr an all that
  3. Good idea I thought asking the ex MI6 boss if his department had anything to do with Princess Di. Like he's bound to say, 'yeah fair cop guv, it was us!' :roll:
  4. It's called "plausible deniability"
  5. They might not have done it themselves, but I am certain they have enough money to pay someone to do it for them.
  6. What about that bloke who had his head smashed against a toilet sink by Daniel Craig then eh eh!! Old Dearloves telling Porkies!!
  7. About as plausible as Gerry not in the RA. :roll:
  8. MI6 don't kill people.

    Why send a Spook with limited training and experiance when you have the best Special Forces in the world just a 'phone call away?

    You don't buy a dog then bark yourself. :roll:
  9. Dot you think he could have gone for the comedy option with something like "no comment "
    or "you might think that but I couldn't possible comment "
    Missed an opportunity to top his pension up if he had done a deal to muddy the water with some cryptic comments the daily express would have kept him in gin for the rest of his natural imho. :twisted:

    We want M16 assanating our enemies .
  10. Well there is a little matter of a Regional Crime Squad Detective sergeant circa 1972 ?

    He was doing aliens registration inquiries of careworkers entering UK sponsored by one of our most eminent charities.

    And he formed the suspicion that there was GP Death Registration malpractice by which British citizens who died in charitable care were certified death in non naturalized persons names. The non naturalized person then adopted the vacant UK identity.

    This suspicion was difficult to inform. care monitoring by social services and policing are both local. So to gain an overview of charity care activity he trawled for anecdotale information of |Coroners officers over several counties. One responded.

    It was when the RCS prepared to visit the Coroners Officer from another force area that Special Branch called advising the RCs to drop inquiry.

    The RCS defied the advice.

    And the Det sgt died suddenly attracting a suicide verdict. It seems reasonable to suspect that the inquest failed in its legal objective to allay suspicion.

    But the matter is protected from a Judicial examination by the Absolute Secret Public Interest Custodianship Powers of Attorney General.

    After some PRO releases three years ago the press got interested about a "Question that has puzzled military historians since the Second World War" ... "What became of the Nazi war criminals exempted Nuremberg and recruited by MI6 ?"

    Could they have been exempted Nuremberg by the screening prosecutor from MI14 Airey Neave then certified held in German postwar internment by official Sue Ryder until two people arranged a release scheme in 1971 (the two being Neave and Ryder) just as Ryder's husband's charity sponsored a load of foreign careworkers to UK ......

    You won't get answers not even from the latest ex Foreign Office man heading the charity.
  11. You want MI6 to rape our enemies as well as slot them? 8O You're nasty! :twisted:
  12. Is this information in the Public domain ?
  13. It is now. But I don't think it gets us anywhere.
  14. No just in KK's over active imagination.