Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by G_D_Q_D_G, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. Any one no much about mi5...any worked within the org. if so would you reccomend it from a career aspect especially for someone leaving the forces and joining...
    hopefully not just replies from fans of 'spooks'

  2. Be advised that they are a bit standoffish: I spent all evening a couple of years ago designing secret weapons and bases that fitted inside extinct volcanos, but I couldn't even get past the main gate. They wouldn't even reimburse me for the paper and crayons.
  3. I happen to know they are looking to recruit a number of undercover hangar and tank park sweepers at the moment.

    M15: not 9X9
  4. Would be interesting to know (sic) what the pay is like and if they have fit women, as in the great (also sic) show on the telly. When you find out, please tell.
  5. Sorry to be a pedant. Sic (=thus, so) - invariably bracketed and usually set in italics, is used to indicate that a preceding word or phrase in a quoted passage is reproduced as it appeared in the original passage.
  6. changingmag just beat me to and was a bit subtle so I'll wade in.

    GDQDG asked

    I do know that they like Officers to be able to spell-know what I mean?

    And changingmags........what Phillip Kotler said! :wink:
  7. pays crap and the women are verging on 'past their prime', unless you bag yourself a secretary, whose pay is even worse so expect to pay for everything!
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  8. The ability to spell (*know / **recommend) and to capitalise at the beginning of a sentence, might be considered essential.

    The proper use of capital letters, when referring to the organisation MI5, could score you a couple of brownie points, too! :wink:
  9. From 'MI5 Careers: Job: Intelligence Officer (link here)

  10. I have just had a look, and the pay for techs and surveillance officers is sh*t, and the prospects for promotion look sh*t as well.
  11. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Mem Yod He...and something about the temple within, gentiles and demons. I think I fall into the demon category, well at least when I'm outside the temple, which is far less than I'd like :twisted:
  12. GDQDG - What a crock of she- ite. This sites for grown ups, get back to watching Balamory on TV!