MI5 transfer dangerous

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. Mr Durkan called the plans a "dangerous diversion of resources from al-Qaeda".

    Has Mark Durkan got a point?

    More here
  2. No, surely the Police would much prefer to concentrate their resources on criminal activity and allow the Security Service to do :twisted: 'exactly what it says on the tin' :twisted:

    As for their HQ being in Palace Bks :? ??? Did I miss something there? Apply down the local Job Centre. :D
  3. Nice to know someone is still taking the IRA and their ilk seriously.
  4. Despite what some may think, the problems in NI are far from over.
  5. No

    You apply here
  6. CIRA and RIRA still need close observation and distruption, but the evidence is that is being done quite successfully now, presumably by both PSNI SB and MI5.

    assuming that PSF backed policing does go ahead, and further assuming that PSF/PIRA doesn't fall apart because of it, then PIRA will die the death, even more than it has so far - no real recruiting, no training, no ops other than local quasi-political/criminal intimidation - then MI5 can concentrate on looking into the long grass.

    many might think that the pre-1969 situation was allowed to develop in NI precisely because the BG had no real understanding of what was happening there, that they were forced to rely on the locals - with their own agenda - to tell them what the situation was.

    with the obvious results.

    this move suggests that the BG doesn't wish to be caught in that position again, and that by having its own intelligence they can ensure that they don't get nasty surprises - bad news perhaps, but not nasty surprises.
  7. Cheers :D
  8. Is this all not just a move to turn the PSNI into a more 'acceptable' organisation (acceptable to the nationalist movement) - there seems to be real issues in getting them to accept PSNI politically (isnt it a stumbling block with the nationalists at sormont?)

    By turning it into a 'domestic crime force' - are they not just preparing the way for putting a sinn fein 'minister' in charge of it?

    Also if that did happen, we wouldnt want them to get their hands on terrorist intelligence, would we?

    Although I am a little out of touch with NI politics these days - I guess there is some political rationale for doing this, there always is....

  9. Mr M-M, Durkan is the son of an RUC officer and a fine officer he was as well. Yes Durkan has a point to answer your question.