MI5 struggled with Soviet spies & Harold Wilson

MI5 'struggled' with Soviet spies

British intelligence could barely cope with the number of Soviet spies in the UK during the Cold War, according to an official history of MI5.

The book found that MI5 did not get to grips with Soviet espionage in Britain until the early 1970s.

The history was written by Professor Christopher Andrew, who insisted he was given complete access to MI5's files.


MI5 kept file on former PM Wilson

The security services kept a file on the former Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson throughout his time in office, a new book has revealed.


Prof Andrew said documents also showed MI5 was under pressure from Margaret Thatcher to help her in industrial disputes, such as the miners' strike.

According to the book, the prime minister wanted agents to identify all union "wreckers" who were stirring up industrial action.

Mrs Thatcher's demand was resisted because they were not genuine subversives, Prof Andrew said.
Yet another 'golden thread' linking New Labour with Old Tory. Did anybody seriously think state apparatus was never bent to political will?

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