MI5 "overstretched before 7/7".

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Werewolf, May 19, 2009.

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  1. An inquiry into 7/7 has found that MI5 was overstretched and simply did not have enough manpower to keep the 7/7 Bombers under constant surveillance.


    I remember Broon, back when he was Chancellor, claiming he had increased MI5's budget to the extent that they would be able to set up Regional Intelligence Centres in every major city.

    Looks like that worked, Gordon... :roll:
  2. But they were set up to keep an eye on the hard working sections of society and ensuring that we towed the party line, not to look out for terrorists. 8O
  3. Report to the QM for an extre-strength Tinfoil Hat! :D
  4. Perhaps if they paid more they'd get more applicants.
  5. Second that one, have you seen the p1ss poor wages they offer?


  6. Already got it - but I had to sign a 1033 for it! :p
  7. Yes I have. I know they're civil servants at the end of the day, but you'd have thought the pay was better.
  8. No thanks, mate. :)

    I took their on-line tests and scored highly on both of them. But I would have had to make several trips down to the Smoke during the recruitment process. And then move there to work for Box.

    As you said, on that salary, it's damn near impossible.

    That's another reason the RIC's would be a good idea; recruit people to work in an area they know well. With a salary they can live on.
  9. Bottom line, pretty much like the old Cussies and Excise, (now HMRC-same tossres), non-Detectives trying to do a Detectives' job.
    Train me up as a VAT Inspector to check on gaming machines, next day let me loose on the Cali Cartel.
    Modern day apprenticeships anyone?
  10. Do you mean SOCA? :wink:
  11. I think just about any department of state may pray in aid of the same reason for a failure of performance regardless of the resources allocated to it. It is not a particularly compelling or convincing statement of the truth of anything.

    One also has to bear in mind that for the previous two years, at mid March, we got the annual statement from MI5 that the security state has had to be raised to a higher state of alert because there exists 'clear evidence' of an imminent terrorist attack on the UK Mainland. Such pronouncements being made just before the end of the financial year!

    It is an intelligence agency within which disinformation is grist for the mill!
  12. Fair point. Also worth remembering that only a couple of weeks before 7/7, MI5 had DOWNGRADED the alert status. Because no attacks were immenent...

  13. I wouldn't take a pay cut like that to join them.

    Even when their online tests say 'go for it'.
  14. Terrorists have no financial year.