MI5 Jobs/moneys not great but could be fun !

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by iamaviking, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. Secure sneeky beeky link?
  2. £22,750 for Int Officer?

    They can go run and jump!
  3. https://www.mi5careers.gov.uk/job.aspx?jobid=44


    £22k a year! No wonder the "opposition" are not short of applicants! Whats the going rate as a gun for hire?

    Best bit...

    We are not currently recruiting for this position, however we anticipate advertising soon!

    Why?????? :omg:

  4. *If candidates perform to a consistently high standard throughout the recruitment process and bring relevant skills and experience, there may be opportunities to start on a higher salary or be considered at a higher grade

    That rate is negotiable, as with all civil service jobs, there is a fast track option, and some applicants will start with a considerably more attractive package. (Fnarr fnarr!)
  5. Start on £22k? You must be kidding, we have LCpls on that sort of money. That's a huge pay drop from what I'm on now - and I'm nowhere near the top of the tree (or ever likely to be at this rate). Something about peanuts and monkeys spring to mind; even allowing for a degree of negotiation on starting salary to allow for previous experience, I'd rather go back to the sandpit with a PSC!
  6. Don't bother, their vetting procedure makes the DVA look like a professional outfit!
  7. I was vetted by them years ago. At the time you couldn't get certain government jobs if you were gay. The vetting interviewer asked for contact details of former girlfriends who would confirm that I'd done the deed with them.

    If you're looking for a job, the Olympic Delivery Authority are offering 60 grand a year for a Diversity Manager. LINK
  8. Have you seen what they get up to in Spooks??? S0d that for a game of soldiers - especially for that pay. I can't believe they get many jumping from life in a green suit for that sort of cash. Perhaps they are willing to pay ex-mil a bit more 'cos of transferable 'skills'?
  9. I would suggest that most ex-military types would be able to negotiate a better starting salary or secure early promotion. The qualification criteria suggest that this role is aimed at new graduates or those in their early 20s.

    If you're a SNCO or above why not apply to be a Middle Manager (an awful title if ever there was one), £33,412 - £41,000 depending on experience + benefits is not too shabby for anyone who is currently a 5 year Capt or lower. Ultimately I don't think this is the sort of job that you do for the money...
  10. Well said :D
  11. Just applied for the vacancy for Mobile Surveillance Officer and got rejected! is because i am white? all they are looking for are ethnic minority/majority's or am i off track on this?