MI5 bid to halt Somali terror Brits

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. Interesting that Somalia is now getting more attention from US and UK--shows how difficult it is to isolate and fix these terrorist cells on a world wide basis.

  2. I fear that this may well be the new front of the battle.

    Military forces that are breathing a sigh of relief that Iraq is almost over and they can concentrate on just Afghanistan are probably in for a disappointment.

    I hope not. Another shitehole in the arse-end of the world with restrictive ROEs that result in the loss of more good lives. If it happens, maybe we can just nuke them and save us the time and bother.
  3. Good news.

    A number of voters who have been on the fence will now "jump" to the right. The BNP party will be be the lucky party to catch thier votes. And maybe the other political parties will wake up. But I doubt it, Cameron is just another fecking tory promising anything the uk voter wants, and the Lib dems with that twat cable ALWAYS manages to make his point AFTER THE INCIDENT has happened.

    Recently a Black woman was given Asylem in the UK. Less than 6 months later HER HUSBAND AND 6 CHILDREN arrive at dover. And are allowed to enter.

    Unemployment continues to rise. Now 3 million unemployed by Xmas is not ruled out.

    Crime rate will yahoo.

    And MI5 couldnt organise a piissup in a brewery!
  4. A Somalia who runs a load of nurserys in Brum said to my mother "now there are 10,000 of us, (presumable in the one house), soon there will 50,000, then 500,000....." .....you see where this is going?
  5. Let the fookers go to Somalia. Just don't let them come back.

    As it stands now there are robably as many Somalians in this country as there are in Somalia. We have refused to deal with immigration and asylum seekers. We have refused to address the issue of islamic extremists living in this country.
    Where is the surprise in any of this? We could have made efforts to deal with this at any time over recent years but its not politically expedient so we continue to pretend it isn't a problem.
  6. Yes. Soon we will be a genuine multi-cultural society.
    There won't be many British people living here but we will be diverse and multi-cultural :D

    Sadly I fear this thread is destined for the hole. If we keep typing with this fascist and racist undertone we can't continue to pretend all is wonderful in this country!
  7. A Somalia who runs a load of nurserys in Brum said to my mother "now there are 10,000 of us, (presumable in the one house), soon there will 50,000, then 500,000....." .....you see where this is going?
  8. Not sure how this asylum seeker, black or white, is anything to do with Somalian extremist Islamic terrorists and I doubt that the main criteria for allowing her and her family to enter was the colour of her skin. But....it does stick in the throat that a young Canadian woman (the fact that she is white is irrelevant) was recently deported from these shores and forcibly separated from her British husband on the basis that she was under 21. The argument was that it was a law designed for her own protection and to make sure she wasn't being trafficked. It was completely stupid - all sorts of people tried to intervene but Alan Johnson basically said "rules is rules, common sense don't come into it". I previously thought Johnson was OK, but he's clearly a spineless turd like the rest of them.

    Oligarchy coupled with increasing mindless bureaucracy. We do seem to be creeping closer to a soviet system by the day.
  9. Why - he is a memeber of the Government and they have shown themselves to be cnuts to a man, woman or whatever!

    Cue ashie. sven/whet and the rest of the PC Brigade charging up to defend the decision!
  10. I was talking to an (Australian) supply teacher from a school in Shepherds Bush, London a while ago.

    He said that the school was comprised of various nationalities of immigrant and or refugee children mainly from Africa, many of whom had serious problems including lack of spoken english.

    Of all the children, the Somalis really stood out in terms of ingrained brutality and resistance to any type of education or direction. Irrespective of age they were able to terrorise their classmates by reacting to any given situation with extreme violence.

    I have no reason to doubt the that this is the truth of the situation. I am not surprised that we are reaping another bitter harvest.

  11. Is this not simply to do with cultural differences, how can we seriously expect people from a pretty brutal and lawless place like Somalia to share our values and ideals?
    There are plenty of similar places around the world, for some bizarre reason that I cannot fathom we seem to be obsessed with the notion we can all live alongside each other in harmony. Can we not accept the fact that in some cases our values are simply not compatible with the values of others?
    Do we really want to bring values and ethics that are acceptable in Mogadishu to our country? We have this misguided belief that we in the UK must accept other cultures and values here.
    Its called multi-culturism and its a farce.

    Before anybody decides to jump on those comments as racist, they are not. It is not about colour or religion, its about what is acceptable in Britain and what isn't.
  12. remember that Somali that killed that WPC up North?

    He was an "asylum seeker" who feared for his own life in Somalia, so this bunch of pr1cks we call a "Government" lets him in.

    When he was ID'd guese where he fled to...............................................

    Yep- Somalia (thats the place where he feared for his life so we gave him asylum)

    You couldn't make it up could you.................

    My home town now "boasts" 20,000 Somalis...........................

    I give up
  13. Are you speaking of the US or the UK?
  14. You are a fcking idiot, sunshine.
  15. Basically this country imports criminals and terrorists. We then house and feed them, give them education and free dental and medical treatment. As Jagman says, how can you expect someone who comes from a country that thrives on brutality, crime and lack of compassion to then suddenly take on these ideals when they arrive here? You can't.

    We are a nation of mugs.