MI5 and Facebook

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Jun 1, 2008.

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  1. Reading a piece in the paper today that says MI5 trawled through Facebook and MySpace profiles of soldiers to see how easy Al-Qaeda might track them down. Apparently they uncovered 2000 pictures of soldiers in drag, 150 of them having sex and one snap involving a chicken!

    Only one with a chicken?! There should be loads of them, chicken fcuking was rife throughout the army I thought.
    Are you the Facebook chicken shagger? Own up and post your pic to become and instant celebrity (or a laughing stock - chicken not beef).

  2. Methinks thou doth protest too much 8O
  3. Not me chief! I preferred the jar of wriggly worms.
  4. Went on OC's orders as an escort with prisoner ACC who was fined for wanking into the wives club mayonnaise. I got 5 extras as I couldn't stop laughing when the charge was read out :D
  5. how many of them recognised the taste then :?: :roll: :?: :roll:
  6. Was it too salty then or had he been drinking pineapple juice?

    " Never eat the compo sausages if the tin is already open, especially if the middle one is missing..................".
  7. Okay it was me - I love pumping chickens - frozen of course :wink:
  8. He was caught in the act of wanking into the wives club bowl of mayonnaise just before the bowl was laid out on the tables.