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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ord_Sgt, Aug 11, 2010.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I've just seen a rather disturbing 1989 Yorkshire TV Documentary that interviewed several soldiers from Charlie Company that commited that atrocity.

    One of the soldiers shakes a lot but somehow tries to pass it off as following orders. Didn'[t that defence go west in 1945?

    All people left were Viet Cong so kill them all were his orders, Fcuking what? How can you not know that small children are not terrorists?

    Fcuking ****** has newspaper evidence of his behavior, he even admits rounding people up and shooting them, then shows pictures of dead children he shot.

    I'm no liberal but how can this be justified? Why are these ******* not in prison?
  2. Distance breeds distance OrdSgt. Our British Empire era soldiers did as much, or worse, in Africa in the 1800s. The only difference was that there were no T.V. cameras to film it. And that is just one example from history I could give you, and it is nothing compared to what the Romans did when they eliminated Carthage from the map.

    At least the bastards who did the My Lai/Purple Ville atrocity left some survivors, and Lieutenant William Calley faced trial for what his men did.

    Be grateful for those small mercies, at least.


  3. Surely you are not just learning of this horror? You have tripped over the tip of a rather large iceberg of information that I commend to your study. This event served as a watershed for major reforms in the US military in terms of how we train our forces and handle such incidents. Prior to that time there was a virtual lack of such training due to an assumption that "our boys" would never act that way.

    As I have said very clearly on other threads, this assumption shows a gross lack of understanding of the nature of humans and the nature of war, especially COIN. History is replete with such crimes-they differ only in terms of scale-- by virtually every nation's military of which I am aware that has ever had to fight in a truly "hot" war. In fact, in recent years this has been proven repeatedly even by the military of nations with reputations for being "compassionate" etc. due to their focus on peacekeeping since the Korean War. Take a look at the incidents by Canadian and Belgian paratroopers while on peacekeeping missions (the Canadian case is a textbook example and culminate din the total disbanding of its Airborne Regiment)

    These kinds of crimes can occur anytime and anywhere and by any military force if they are not properly trained and led.
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Nope I'm not surprised, its nastiness does surprise me though.

    I'm a big fan mate, but humility is a good thing.
  5. I need to read up about this as I didn't realise there were British soldiers involved, thought it was an American atrocity.

    Got a link to the tv programme Ord_Sgt?
  6. Right. Any documented proof of that?
  7. NO Brits were involved.
  8. No offens(c)e intended by my earlier post and if taken that way, you have my (truly) humble apologies..
  9. Ahhhh got the wrong end of the stick here, thanks for clearing that up. Apologies.
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    You say that now
    Wait until Mel Gibson makes the film
    Brits arrive wreck the joint, flood the paddy field with oil and jail a passing innocent Kenyan
  11. That was Varnado Simpson who was interviewed. He killed himself in 1997 by eating a shotgun to the head.

    His Daughter died of Meningitis and his 10 year old son was shot by neighbor kids and died in his arms in 1977.
    He died in my arms. And when I looked at him, his face was like the same face of the child that I had killed. And I said: This is the punishment for killing the people that I killed.
  12. To studentfeckwit: Try reading any decent account of the Zulu Wars, for a kick off. And the Indian Mutiny, particularly the punishment of mutineers and their sympathizers, or anyone who happened to look brown or brownish and weren't wearing red uniforms and actually serving with the British Army. Also read up about Overlord and its aftermath. Both our troops and the Canucks did some tasty stuff to captured Heer and SS truppen.

    Then you would be more of a student, and less of a feckwit.


  13. If you look at the subsequent sad history of all involved in that horror it is a pretty good lesson to any young soldier who thinks he is a real hard case. Except of course the one most responsible--the intrepid platoon "leader" William "Rusty" Calley--who is IMHO a psychopath (no human feelings). His few hours in that village will be remembered for generations to come. A pox on him.
  14. What? A sequel to Gallipoli or Breaker Morant?
  15. IMHO every soldier, and especially every troop leader in an infantry unit should study this (and other such crimes) and never, ever forget the lessons from it. Hint: if you think the lesson is that it is only Americans who can do this sort of thing, I urge you to reflect a bit more.