I got a call today from my heavily pregnant wife. She was quite upset as there had been an invasion of ants into the kitchen. She was a little freaked as she is nesting at the moment. She called Modern Housing Solutions to ask for advice, thinking its a problem they should help with (we've heard theres probably a nest under the house). Some snotty scouse b1tch told her 'thats life deal with it' and ring DHE. She did and the local rep, known for being a complete w@nker to the service wives, who also wasn't bothered (probably out of a job because of MHS?) SHe basically said to him 'You're not bothered are you?' and he said 'no'. Understandably she hung up on him. It's getting beyong a joke, I believe many people have had problems with MHS and now my wife is scared of bringing a new born baby into our house when it arrives.

Sorry to moan but I need to let off some steam.
I seem to recall that you are expected to deal with ants yourself - I've had to several times in the past. Any other pest (mice, wasp nest, birds etc) will be dealt with by the pest control sub-contractor for MHS - I've used them before as well.

If you want to complain you can call MHS and report the behaviour of their staff. I know that many people will say "yeah, but nothing will change" and it won't change if we don't complain. Same principle goes for the DHE tosser - bypass him and call the local/area manager. Just remember to be polite and stay calm, otherwise they'll just dismiss your complaint.

If you don't want to or can't complain, why not use your chain of command to represent your case?

Good luck.
I think theres afew problems with MHS. theres another story here

For me, i also had loads of problems getting through, but worse than that, even if you do get thorugh the service seems to be non-existant.
While I understand that Modern Housing Solutions (MHS) like any new/large organisation will have teething troubles, I am currently finding them unworkable with 3 out of 3 jobs overdue, two of which have both had no shows for multiple appointments (wasting four days leave stuck in the house!) with no notification to me the householder, until I chased them up at the end of the there arranged window (am/pm).

Of course they sub contract out to local professionals, but MHS is responsible for there contractors actions and the sub contracts they put in place to fulfil there commitment to the MOD.

Have we just been unlucky or are many others having problems?

My aim here is to gather feeling and if I’m not an isolated case, then this and ArmyNet are the prime forums to attempt to feed the big picture back to the chain of command rather than allowing isolated cases to get lost in the ether.

I have posted this in the ArmyNet 'Family Issues' Forum, please pop there and vote in the poll. If we get enough responses we can post the results in the Chief of the General Staffs forum or at the ery least use the results to support each others cases when the time comes to complain formaly.
It might be worth giving the local Council a ring, as they may be able to help with large infestations.

It got this from a Council website.

Animals and Pests

Craptown District Council deals with animal and pest control.

We will help with lost and stray dogs. We also have a comprehensive pest control service which deals with pests that are harmful to public health and well being, at homes and businesses.
No pest controler in the world will deal with common ants, as they are not a public health problem. B&Q antpowder will solve the problem. They are a nuisance yes, but you will not get any nasty disease from an ant

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