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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by chunky, May 28, 2006.

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  1. The MOD seems to have excelled itself once again - specialist subject - writting contracts that see off service personnel and further erode quality of life. The latest culprit MHS (Modern Housing Solutions or Making Housing Sh1te - you decide) are supposed to take over the administration of Married Quarters. Great news considering the MQ charges went up 17% in April. Sadly the realiy does not reflect this. Having just taken over my next MQ I was appalled to discover I am going to have to spend a lionshare of the long weekend cleaning it. Furthermore, there are no toilet seats, no mats, the decor is literally falling off the walls - I won't bore you with the rest.

    Particularly galling is the fact I have just shelled out well over 200 quid to get my old quarter cleaned, I'm just wondering who I can present the bill to for getting this one up to standard? Any RAO's out there know of a loo seat allowance, either that or the wife is going to build up her thigh muscles!

    I've heard loads of horror stories about MHS - now I'm on the receiving end. Anyone know the bosses name and address!
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  3. I've currently been without hot water and heating for 4 weeks, and the imersion heater is on the blink. MHS can seem to grasp the fact that its unacceptable to have no hot water (not too bothered about the heating). On the phone on Friday they promised a plumber to come around, emergency callout, and try and fix the imersion. Hasnt turned up yet. They have also told me that to replace the boiler (its been condemned) will take a further 3-4 weeks.

    Now, i've been on to a couple of local firms and British Gas. They can all do this within a week, as long as i dont want to install an out of the ordinary boiler (believe me, MHS will be fitting the cheapest available, thats why this one is broken according to the engineer who condemned it, its underrated and overworked for the house). MHS are adamant that this isnt the case. I've also suggested that if they fit one of those shower units that heats its own water, i'll put up with the situation until its fixed. That was a non starter as well.

    What really grips me is you have no say in the repair or the time scales involved. Some telephone operator simply says "We're working on it" and make false promise. DHE are not interested, their responsibility towards quarter repair has been passed to MHS, so you dont have a point of escalation and no one is fighting on your behalf. Only option open to me is to complain to the Garrison Commander. I shouldnt be in this position and he shouldnt have to spend his time chasing contractors to fix my hot water.

    The entire system is a sham, and MHS do not give 2 hoots about the quality of service they are providing.
  4. Chunky,

    Same expereince here. Spending weekend cleaning quarter which I took over last Wednesday. Disgusting state. Even the DHE rep said he wanted to refuse it, but knew that my circumstances were such that I could not afford the time to be put up in a hotel whilst MHS sorted it out! Cleanliness was only part of the problem. Carpets stained, curtain rails hanging off, electrical fiitings broken, garden overgrown, too many problems to list (don't even men tion the cooker!) - Wife thoroughly pissed off. I find half the problem is that you cannot actually get a face to face with the person who makes decisions (I mean who from MHS decided this quarter was clean?) and this frustrates you even more.

    I have already written letter of complaint to MHS Managing Director, details are:

    Mr Mark Cutler
    Managing Director
    MODern Housing Solutions
    2 – 8 Montagu Road
    RAF Brampton
    Cambridgeshire PE28 4QG

    The more than complain the better.

    As to refund of cleaning costs. I'm going to insist (and I mean insist) that MHS waive the cleaning fee that I would pay at the end of my tenure to recompense me for all the effort I am now putting in to clean a quarter, which was paid to be cleaned by the previous tenant, but hasn't been touched. If they start backtracking, I will simply copy my letters to the Admiral chappy that recently wrote to all married quarters occupants telling them of this new fantastioc contract to maintain our housing MODern Housing Solutions!!

    Let me know how you get on.
  5. this has been getting progressively worse over the last few years & was one of the reasons that pushed us toward buying our own home, we have not looked back since.

    they are not interested in the slightest regarding repairs & i know friends of ours who were without hot water & heating for around 7 weeks in the winter..............just not on in my book :x :x :x :x .

    hope that you all fget the answers you are looking for BUT i doubt it :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: .

  6. I have just come back from my cleaning spree only to find I don't have a TV socket either - the previous occupants physically cut it off to install Sky instead - I wonder how long it will take to get it replaced??? No doubt there'll be no recompense for my useless TV licence for the duration.

    Many tahnsk for the address, my letter will be winging it's way shortly, just as soon as I've found enough paper.

    Anyone know if they're (MHS) a limited company? I can feel a trip to the small claims court coming on...........
  7. (MHS) a limited company? sorry mate they are not
  8. Exactly the same situation here. Went without heating for 8+ weeks (with a 2 yr old child) before they finally sorted it.

    Thankfully (after much ranting and raving) they finally sent a heating engineer from some way away who was an absolute gem. The initial plumber just wanted to replace the boiler but this bloke said that was cr*p and pretty much re-plumbed the house (new radiators all round and new controller, thermostat etc.). It is now summer and we are due to move out in a few months but at least we know that the system has been screwed for a £5k+ heating system!! :D
  9. I have moved quarter recently and found myself in similar positions. The local station CO is very agitated about it. His advice has been:

    1. Make sure you phone the MHS line and lodge a complaint.
    2. Follow up the telephone complaint with a written complaint copying it to your DHE region office and your station CO.
    3. Write a complaint letter for every complaint rather than lumping a group of them together.
    4. Keep badgering them.
  10. the thing is nothing will get done. rang them up god knows how many times.
  11. After many years I finally moved out of MQ's (thank god) and into my own place.

    As I'd had to take my last quarter over in absolute shite state i.e every carpet stained, cooker minging, urine stained bathroom carpet and dried urine on the walls I steadfastly refused to clean it on march out and paint it back to magnolia. DHE accepted this and were very accomodating. Easiest march out I'd ever had. What really annoyed me though was the fact I'd shelled out £200 on my previous quarter on cleaners. What was the point if there's no need to clean on march out?

    Someone somewhere is making a fortune and shirking their real responsibilities.
  12. true BUT will it ever change :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:
  13. The secret to change anything to do with DHE,DE HD or MHS is not to complain to these organisations but to COMPLAIN TO YOUR CO. The DHE,DE HD and MHS keep all complaints in house,this in turn insures that the higher reaches within the chain of command do not get to see the big picture.If you do not tick you have only yourselfs to blame.
  14. Our local DHE office seen to have found a new way to save time recently when taking and handing over quarters.

    Have the handover and takeover at the same time - i.e. family moving out read final meter readings, family waiting to move in (with removal truck waiting) here's your start meter readings!

    This has happened in the last 3 MO/MI in our street.

    The families who moved out paid for their quarters to be cleaned. How could they be cleaned when new families are waiting to move in. I could see if it was an isolated case but not when it's becoming the norm.

    Where does this money go? The quarters were not in a fit state to hand over, as you would expect after a few years, and this is why you either clean them yourself to an acceptable standard or pay to have it done for you.

    The families were not happy with the situation but the DHE had them over a barrell. Removals waiting, family waiting to move in - what do you do?

    This sort of thing only compounds the terrible state of MHS and trying to get anything repaired in your quarter.
  15. Incoming occupants should demand to be put up in the nearest hotel. Funds are available, trouble is DE HD {DHE renamed Apr 06] do not want that time consuming problem.Did you know they are downsizing by 50%.