MHS DHE at it again.

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by freedomofspeech, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. hi all just been down to my local MHS DHE or what ever they call themselves these days. to pay for my quarter to be cleaned only to be told by the fat useless woman sat behind the desk. that we dont do the final cleans any more so i asked OK can you put me onto someone that dos it to MHS DHE standards. the answer that i got back was do it yourself.

    so to that end there is not a single company who has passed the DHE MHS inspections for the clean.

    can anyone help me out on this matter.
    yes someone will say do it yourself.
    ha ha ha cant got a newborn baby.
  2. what area are you in? We've just had a flyer for a company
  3. mhs suck..i been in contact with local mp re mhs and there trail of shite
  4. Passed one of their vans on the way home tonight..... half in the ditch, steam pouring out the front better than the RQ's kettle on overdrive.... 8)

    talk about laugh... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. power to the pads..burn all mhs waggons
  6. This has given me a great smile. I don't know anything about MHS DHE since it's clearly after my time but to expect any third party to have the ability to clean a quarter to standard for handover is like finding a snowball in the sahara. Clearly pads are as idle as ever ;)
  7. The cheapest way is to take the barrack charge.

    They are currently using prices lists that are years out of date and you will get a small bill. Ask the DE rep how much a recharge would be.
  8. That's all well and good if they actually get the place clean for the next DHE victim.... But do they? Or do they just pocket the charge and then try and farm off a sub-standard Qtr?

    There used to be a fair amount of small enterprises advertising march out cleaning for those who couldn’t be arssed to keep the place clean in the Pads NAAFI/Sixth Sense/Weekly Echo etc, suggest trying there, or ask one of the cleaners on camp if they know of anyone?

    12 years as a pad with 2 kids, dog and cat. 8 Qtrs and No handover bills.... easy enough if yr not a minger and keep the place clean and tidy and make the effort on handover. Mind you I was offered some right grotty hovels in my time where it was blindingly obvious the previous occupants didn’t know what the word 'clean' was..... Funny how the Estate Manager's would get all shitty when their star 'Qtr' on offer is turned down until clean!

    Make the effort and hand over in the condition you would want your next Qtr to be in when you march in... Its not hard.