MHS builders stole from our quarter!

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by eralcd, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. Hi all new to this, just had to warn you all about BSG Property Services who are hired by Modern Housing to refit our kitchesn and bathrooms at Dalton Brks.

    They ask you to leave a key with them so they can work while you are out at work. What they dont tell you is that they are a bunch of thieves.

    Over £300 worth of things have been stolen from the house. The police are involved but the site manager wants to sort it out himself.

    We were asked to trust these people at the family briefing and they have totally shit on us.

    If you are having building work done on your house while you are still living there make sure someone is with the bastard builders the whole bloody time!
  2. The thief was your other half. They spent the proceeds on funding their crack habit.
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Tell the Site Manager that you have reported the theft to the Police (and that keeping it between you and him/her isn't an option), inform your CoC (so that they can escalate it), and then break the legs of all the "builders" working on your house.

    OK the last one is a "laff", but the first two aren't.

    Get a crime number and tell your insurance company, then sue the builders for the inconvenience of the increased premiums on your household insurance.
  4. totally agree, go to the police straight away. Site manager wanting to sort it himself is almost as good as an admission that he has thieves working for him. Its probably happened before with the same workers.
  5. Cut them up and make a hammock out of their skins.
  6. Actually they are probably Bulgarian so their skins will be too greasy to build a hammock with.
  7. I'm a builder, mostly groundwork and extensions etc.

    Stealing is just not on from any client, simple as that. These people come to your house to do this work and earn money for it. I daresay the actual building company would be horrified if it's brought to their attention that their staff have done this. They could stand to lose masses of work if they get a reputation as employing a bunch of thieves.

    Take it all the way including the Police so it's nipped in the bud. If it was my firm or any of my mates who do similar work, the perpetrators would be sacked on the spot and then, let the Police deal with them.
  8. Im liking the violence side of things!

    But the police have been told and so now i have to stay from them grrrrrrr!

    The builders big boss came ll the way from liverpool to see me! But he didnt call first and i was at work. Duh?!

    Can i sue the company for damages?
  9. Shit yes. Sit down on a chair that they nicked and that isn't there any more and you have a default claim for a damaged coccyx. Go for it!
  10. C'mon, grass them up..

    Was it any of these that tried to blag it??

    Also are you talking about the Patch in Shippon?
  11. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    All the way from Scouseland? Is he employing retired Kingo's?

    I presume that he left a business card. Call him, arrange a place/time to meet that's convenient to you (don't take the piss), take notes of your discussions and try to make sure that you have a witness with you.

    Again copy in the CoC (and if necessary the Police - they're involved so you might as well keep them in the loop). Whatever you do, don't agree to drop everything/press the police to drop charges just because the Big Boss appears to be a nice guy.

    Oh, and get a brief. The first interview may well be on legal aid. Check with the CAB.
  12. The one that came out today is on there yes, site manager isnt tho.

    He didnt leave a card i had to call site manager to get an update, he's pissed off cos coppers have fingerprinted his office hehe.

    Yes Shippon, the dead end place just outside abingdon.
  13. why did i click on that link
    i'm blind i tell ya, blind!

    arrse end of the genepool there & one has a very dodgy syrup on :twisted:
  14. Let the police deal with them? F*ck me, you sure that you were a Jacket?
  15. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Has he got (a) a mini moke? (b) a shovel? and (c) a Danish model in the back?