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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by LongJohnSilver, Nov 26, 2007.

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  1. Right, I have been in my MSQ since Feb 07, my daughters bedroom, bedroom 3, is always attracting mold, we clean, it comes back, after numerous wall treatments it was assertained in April 07 that this was due to an overhanging tree, to which the MHS compliance Team (H & S) after multiple calls to the help desk, came round to assess, "Oh" they said, "this is very bad, we cant have this, we will get this sorted for you ASAP and get the tree cut back and the guttering cleared etc etc".

    3 months later my daughter, who gets ill in said bedroom, has moved into bunk beds with her brother and nothing has been sorted.

    Has anyone got a useful contact number and name that I can use to sort this issue.......Please don't say the Queen or the S of S.


  2. You have my utmost sympathy. We raised a similar issue and forced MHS to conduct a full survey of the MQ (we paid for own survey and that forced their hand - I am not suggesting that is the way ahead btw). 10 months ago they agreed to downgrading the quarter and conducting remedial work. The downgrading has been achieved and the backpayment completed but no sight of remedial work as winter creeps in. I do not anticipate any work being done in the near future.

    I would endorse using their complaints procedure to your advantage. Everytime you phone up to log the work to be done, if you are not satisfied by the action taken then you should phone up (again, I know) and log a complaint. That complaint has to be acted upon/followed up: when the follow up call comes through explain the whole fault again and make sure they log it. When they fail to act log a further complaint. Do not let them hang up without a job number or a complaint number: they will try to do this when they are under pressure, in my experience.

    Keep a record of all your calls, job numbers and complaints numbers and send it to your station commander on a monthly basis. This is hard work to keep on top of, I appreciate, but you must make sure that you pile on the pressure.

    I found my Station Commander to be extremely helpful with all of this. He has a 'hotline' that you might be able to convince him to use.
  3. Also make sure you get the name of the operator you are speaking to & their ID number. When they have taken your details ask them to get their supervisor, again get his name. Then ask for their manager and again get his name etc. This puts the fear factor into them & will speed up things as they fear a massive complaint letter listing all their details dealing with your case. Good luck
  4. Can you PM me with his details, I would be most gratefull.

    Regards and thanks to you both.

  5. To compound matters further my Son, who my daughter is sharing a room with, is autistic, those who understand autistic kids know what sharing does to them, MHS know this and still nothing, I am starting to get very frustrated with the whole thing now.