MH17: Russia liable for downing airliner over Ukraine

What will you choose?
Neither because I would actively displace myself from such immoral conduct. It requires a small degree of brains and a degree of personal integrity. It is often helped by the fact that such activities would condemn you as a tosser amongst your peers and more importantly beyond the pale as far as your family were concerned. Difficult concepts to understand, I grant you.

Oh, it is so obviouse things...
No it isn't. All you have ever done on this forum is make inflammatory and unsubstantiated statements which may make sense in your restricted world view but don't to other people. Please provide the sources and facts I asked for.

Science fiction is a good read.It is not a good idea to rely on it in terms of real world action. I have not read it but I would imagine it is full of violence and war crimes. Please elaborate .

Why? I dont have any personal business with you. Ok. Lets do individual test.
You made an accusation. I countered it. I have never denied the right of Russians to live. You do have business with me because your are corrupting this site with propaganda. I object to that.

You are a brave little soldja aren't you?
@YarS is the same trolling Warhammer 40k obsessed individual from a couple of years ago. He was in perma RoPs, principally by @Viro Bono who has since gone as well.

@YarS basically admitted to raping someone (exchange of food and to show dominance over her menfolk) in Chechnya. He carried on for a while but on perma RoPs his posting rarely made sense, or at least less than it does now.

@Grey Fox appeared shortly after, spouting the same and with the same style of posting eg ‘ke ke ke’ and ‘he he he’, etc. Still obsessed. Still wants nuclear war and so on.

@Grey Fox hasn’t outright confirmed he is @YarS, neither does he deny it. He’s a bit too stupid in answering posts when he is called Yaraslov and tellingly, Sergey will do his bidding on other threads that @YarS gets banned from.

That’s pretty much it and welcome back btw.
Thank you for that.

I get the distinct impression that Grey Wolf is female. If it's YarS and male, then perhaps he's just gay. Never amazes me how the boldest of the anti-NATO bold are keyboard warriors. He's chosen the cowardly route of fighting his war from the comfort of his laptop rather than volunteering to fight for either the DNR or LPR juntas.

As regards KGB_resident, It did surprise me that he came jumping into this thread a day or 2 ago to save Grey Fox from further embarrassment - and then made it even worse. Not like the old independent contractor KGB _resident at all.

It was like watching a pair clowns at the circus.

Have a good evening.


Have the Russians given the world anything to balance out the tiresome crap they inflict on the rest of us all the ******* time since at least a century ago?
Have the Russians given the world anything to balance out the tiresome crap they inflict on the rest of us all the ******* time since at least a century ago?
In the old days, yes. Now it's a different matter.
Ridiculous Video!
Phallic symbolism.
= Bunch of Cocks.

Considering you don't see Aeroflot fly international anymore, and it has been many years since a Soviet built aircraft has been given an international passenger safety licience (If ever). Their perfect copy of the B-17 might pass.

Brilliant minds at MIG and Sukhoi.... all military employed.
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Ha! It is obviouse fact, that right now NATO is 'crusading East'. Right now, every day, NATO supported Junta murder Russian people in the East Ukraine. Previously, NATO supported Georgia has been murdering Russian citizens in the South Ossetia and Abhazia. Before it, forces of NATO countries invaded Iraq, and created there bloody chaose. Before it, NATO, without any legitime reason, invaded in Serbia and occupied Kosovo. Before it, NATO countries supported Chechen terrorists, slaughtered thousands of peaceful Russians.
Even in the discussion on this thread, we see, that you don't recognise Russian right to live.
So, NATO is not some kind of 'potentional threat', but the 'actual enemy'. War is already ongoing, and it will be finished by the full elimination of one of the sides. Sure, Russian interest is not to be eliminated, so they are interested to eliminate NATO.

War is already ongoing. When it will become hot? Who knows?
So much bile. So much stupidity.



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