MGB GT/Roadster


Hello Guys and girls not sure if this is in the correct area.

What it is, I am after a MGB GT or Roadster to have a summer project i dont want one with too much work to be done but am willing to take on a challenge. Small restoration work is not a problem but welding etc would not be for me. im looking to spend arround the 500-1000 Pounds mark.

I know its not army related but i know you guys have a wide knowlage of everythin.

Any help appreciated!

I think you'll be lucky to find a Roadster for the budget you have that only needs minimal work. For that price range, you'll be looking at a near basket case.

Have a quick look at Autotrader to give you an idea of what £500-1000 will get you. Basically one plastic bumpered car that is in need of a total overhaul.

You could try checking the back pages of specialist motor mags but even decent shells that need no welding go for a premium now.

Trouble is, cheap ones usually need welding on the sills and that can cost a pretty packet.

Midgets are gayer but don't tend to cost as much. Thought about one of them?

Go the whole hog and get an MGB but stick a V12 Jag lump in it. :D


PS I think we have an MG geek on here and no doubt he'll give you the full low down over a pint of real ale whilst listening to folk music.
As Flashy says, for that money you're going to get a big pile of rust with a few MG bits attached. These things are very much a product of their time, ie, not very well thought out. I helped a mate of my Dad's restore one of these about 10 years ago (A BGT 1800) and both of us soon wished we hadn't started.

We did eventually finish it - over £9000 spent and it was porbably better than new, but it still wasn't that good. Or quick.

My advice is to buy a used Mazda MX5 if you want that sort of car with none of the headaches.
Get a Lambretta much more fun and a tuned one will blow the arse off a MGB from the lights compared to classic cars etc parts are cheap £500-1000 will get you a decent italian scooter or a bit more and you can buy a restored one from India


As this is something I now do for a living, your price range will get you a backet case. You aren't looking at much change out of 6-7k on the parts and respray, that's if you do all the work yourself. A full up restoration job will set you back around 12k. I wouldn't bother with something that needs a bit of work, as you will have to spend good money on any paintwork that needs doing. Go for the Mazda and thrash it to death.


Thanks lads! Help appriciated. I was looking at a MX5 but ive not seen one for under 1500 yet. I would like a Mazda i mainly want it for some thin to mess about with when am bored. And to use in the summer.
Have a look for a Jap import MX5, which is sometimes called the Miata. These tend to be a bit cheaper and have the advantage of having the steering wheel on the proper side. Most are in good nick, mainly due to the unbelievably strict Japanese version of the MOT. One thing to check is whether the engine management system can be read by a UK diagnostic system.

Usually, a Jap import can be identified by a square rear number plate