MG ZT Diesel?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Excognito, Aug 3, 2011.

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  1. The old Pug 406 HDi (110) is showing signs of its age and, although imminent replacement doesn't appear to be on the cards, I've started thinking about it. The replacement needs to carry 5 people (or 4 people (SWMBO + 3 children) plus me), get 50-ish mpg and not add too much tedium to my daily commute (mix of hills and M-way). It might also have to serve as an occasional caravan tug.

    I've looked at several vehicles, including the Peugeot 407 but that, although a decent enough car, doesn't seem to generate the same affection or feeling of robustness that the 406 does. Herself doesn't appear too keen on a BMW 5-series and the experiences (cost-wise) of her brother have put us off Audis.

    So, ... my eyes keep wandering to the MG ZT 135 bhp. Does anybody have any experience of this car? Is it worth considering or should it be avoided like Friday afternoon Lada?

  2. It's an MG, therefore will spend more time on the back of an AA recovery vehicle than my old Hotrod.
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  3. Mondeo Estate, Skoda Octavia Estate, or Subaru Estate?

    Sunbaru - bit expensive but pretty bomb proof (farmers favourit).
    Skoda - Great value for money, lot of Audi/VW parts (reliable but not cheap).
    Ford - Does what it says on the tin, it will come kitted out with all the toys.
  4. My father in law drives up to Aberdeen and back to the north west every couple of weeks in his and never has any bother in it. It's a decent motor but really I'd rather have VW Passat. My mother has the estate diesel and it goes to the south of France often, sometimes pulling a heavy trailer. It's comfy, great on fuel and not missed a beat yet.
  5. Hmm, that's what I thought before I started looking. However, that isn't the impression I gain; in fact, the Rover 75 / MG ZT appears at number 13 in the Auto Express 2011 survey, which isn't too bad being above BMW (ironic), Audi and Ford models. Even more ironically, Skoda take 3 out of the top 4 places.
  6. Why not look at a Mercedes plenty of cheap old ones knocking about.
  7. I'm not sure that Suburu do a 45-50 mpg diesel, but the 4wd is appealing (got a Volvo V70R AWD for that, though). I admit the Skoda looks good but, although I've quite liked Skodas even in their WP form (knew a guy who rallied them), I'd still prefer something with an MG badge.

    Sadly, the Captain Sensible in me keeps saying 'Mondeo', but I never listen to him. I prefer the Emperor Mong's advice.
  8. But, and I admit this is to compensate for my lack of personality, VWs are just too sensible. ^^

    Now that is the kind of comment that I was hoping for. Thanks. It's the kind of comment my wife will like as well.
  9. I hadn't really considered a Merc, although it would fit in well at school, because I have an impression of them as being on the thirsty side. I'll have a look, though. Thanks.
  10. Truth is in Diesel Estate form, its one of the best.

    My old man has a 5 series estate (had a number of them), build quality is not as good as it was, same for Merc's as well. Also totally useless in the snow, and run flat tyres only, which means a bumpy ride and where to find a replacement run flat in the middle of rural France when you're on your holybobs.
  11. I have a Subaru Legacy 2.0D Limited Edition (a 2008 model, not the most recent one) I get 40 UK MGP and I reckon I could do a lot better if I didn't push it that often. They are not cheap to run in maintenance, but nothing ever seems to go wrong with them. I can recommend it though it is a fairly basic ride with a relatively loud but not annoyingly so engine noise. Actually the boxer diesel does sound better than most other diesels. My generation has an open particle filter, something they rectified in the new version, but other than some clouds in back (only visible during the night and right after start) it was amazing value for money.
  12. My C220 diesel will do 40mpg around town and about 50mpg on a run.