MG Dutton Interview

Interesting find by T6...

I thought this bit on SE Iraq (as opposed to the rest of Iraq) was good:
"We are not after all fighting an insurgency down here. The sheer insurgency finished in August `04, and since then there have targeted attacks against ourselves and also sometimes intra-Shi'a and Shi'a-Sunni violence. But in general, there is not an insurgency going on down here. "

And this about the lethality of attacks verus frequency:
"I would point out -- and I can't show you a graph, although I'd like to -- if I showed you a graph of numbers of incidents of violence from 12 months ago, it was extremely high, but the fatality rate for coalition forces was extremely low.

That position has now been entirely reversed. The number of incidents is extremely low -- and I told you the percentages at the beginning -- but the fatality rate is quite high, much higher than it was a year ago, because these breakaway Shi'a terrorist groups --
and they are Iraqis, as I pointed out before -- have found a piece of technology which is working particularly well at the moment."


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