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MG 42 we bow down before you

Call that a machine gun?

Now this is a machine gun:


And if you're still not convinced, there's always it's big brother:



This is going to be a shit thread
Of course, there is the 37mm:


After that it gets confusing - Vickers produced a few 40mm weapons, but I'm not confident that I've found the 40mm MG as it should look very simlar to the 37mm.
The MG 42/ MG3 is the best machine gun ever made, whos with me ?

Too high a rate of practical fire
Pulls forward on bursts disrupting aim
Original Bolt design allowed for firing out of battery under Wartime manufacturing standards
The Russians have the ZPU series... now that's a cool weapon

ZPU - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Based upon the KPV guns 14.5mm Cartridge originally designed for the PTRD & PTRS Anti-Tank Rifles.

Rolls Royce was developing a Machinegun which was chambered for .55 Boyes for the RAF when orderd to stop work in 42.

1,000RPM, just imagine a Tail turret with 4 of these babies rather then the anemic .303 Colt Brownings
Does the HK GMG count as a machine gun ?

[wahshield on]

Seeing as GMG stands for Grenade MACHINE GUN the clue could be in the name.

[wahshield off]


Book Reviewer
Why do you think FN used the MG42 as the base for it's new Machine gun in the 50s, and found it wanting so they nicked the best bits from it and the Browning BAR and came up with a much better gun the FN MAG and that's why it is used by over 80 countries and still in production 55 years later, It will IMHO like the Browning M2 be in production for a very long time as it is without doubt the finest GP MG ever made to date
The Vickers MG (variously updated) saw service in the British Army from 1887-1968. 81 years. I doubt that the GPMG will still be in service in 25 years time.

Different times, different roles. Doubtless there are still occasions where the Vickers would be more suitable than the GPMG - but if I had to lug a machine gun, I wouldn't choose the Vickers. In a static defensive position, though, it would be hard to beat for sustained fire.

It's a baddies gun and will be forever contaminated with badness, anyone touching one or looking at one will become infected and morph into a Hilter Youth SS Walt zombie, mumbling "My precious" to his Hunnish murder implement. All remaining MG42s should be cut up, melted down into billets and dumped in the deepest ocean trench. Then the trench should be filled with concrete. Besides which it eats ammunition at a phenomenal rate.

GPMG. Bren for the retro appeal.

However the greatest machine gun ever is definitely the ....

.. SLR with a matchstick under the sear.

No contest.


The Browning .50.........end of..........wins hands down.........can't be beaten.
"Too high a rate of practical fire
Pulls forward on bursts disrupting aim
Original Bolt design allowed for firing out of battery under Wartime manufacturing standards "

GB, although there is no single shot facility, trained troops can get off short bursts of 3 rds or even single shots. If you push forward against the bipod the MG 3 is easy to control. Wartime manufacturing standards? That was some time ago and I very much doubt if there any fireable MG42s around.
The Hun is replacing all of their MG 3s with the MG4 (HK's version of a minini) including vehicle mounted ones.

My money would go on the Browning M2.
.. SLR with a matchstick under the sear.

I keep reading this and wonder why on earth people were fiddling with the insides of the rifle. Just pull out the safety catch. I can't remember if you needed to open the rifle to do it or could do it with the rifle closed. Perhaps if someone would loan me an SLR and a mag of 20...

Or does the matchstick allow you to stop mid-mag?


I remember now, you had to break the rifle open to rotate the safety catch sufficiently anti-clockwise to allow it to disengage.

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