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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Inside_Dealer, Jun 25, 2003.

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  1. Anybody else served in Egypt on this freebie!

    I was there in '91 good to hear from fellow Sinai Divers!
  2. Funny old thing, but i was there in 1991 as wel (Personnel Services) :D
  3. '86 with the CanDet, although things were probably more "primitive" then, than they are now.
  4. Things were pretty good when I was there. I had some good friends in CANCON, and I was there when they stood down, that was some party! Coincidently, a friend of mine in BRITCON, now lives in Canada, he was living out at Lake Huron, but has now moved closer into Toronto.
  5. Chief Clerk Liaison Section Nov 90 - May 91 First boss was Lt Col now Brigadier Rattazzi RCT/RLC then Lt Col Lloyd WFR

    Great time there.
  6. I was there in 86 in the Tactical Operations Centre (just love those yankisms).
  7. Pity the Foreign Office shut us down to save money - it was a great posting.
  8. I was cleaning out the Garage today and came across a video made at the time of the last contingent in july 92
    very embaressing for all but a great deal of fun

    everyones on it

    anyone want a copy send me a message

    also anyone want a reunion post here
  9. I was there Oct 86 to Mar 87 - absolutely fantastic swan!!!
  10. Old thread but well worth resurrection. I had my fun in the Sinai in the early 90’s - a great distraction from aimless post-cold war soldiering in BAOR. Did anyone ever succeed in getting the medal legitimised? I tried once but get the impression that it fell on stony ground.
  11. I was there Nov 86 to May 87 with the USBatt, South Camp of course and the attendant OP (SCC6 at Nuweiba al Terrabin). If I recall correctly our Force Sergeant Major was from the Royal Tank Regiment. I met him once. He was a very nice guy.
  12. Shakey1 - Were you the RE Posty there? I was in Staff Sec (RE LCpl, shared a hooch with a Gloucesters LCpl who thought it a great idea to try and drive the section's 4x4 at the yanks doing PT early one morning! I must say for all the time I was there I can't remember much, but I can remember going to the Patio (NZ Bar for more than a few beers). :D

    PS is the video of the Last parade etc?
  13. Hi there,
    I remember that video as i made it as i was working for press and visits and was a diplomat driver there.
    What great days.
  14. TB - I was there in the last BRITCON (my last post is above yours I used to be ROBRE - but changed my name). Do you have a copy of the video? I will try and dig out my copies of the photos of us and NZCON etc and post them when i get them from my house at the weekend.

  15. Hi , oops now only just logged back onto arrse after along while but if you are still here i do have a copy of the Britcon Video but need to convert to DVD, I was the welsh lcpl guy who worked at press and visits under an american major bill mckinney. If you need to contact me you can through

    cheers Richard