MFO or Post for vital bits of Kit?.......

I'm flying out to Germany soon and my major problem is how to get my kit there, in particular uniforms. If I MFO my No.2 dress it won't get there until about a month after i do, and whilst this is no skin off my nose i'm sure the adj might take a somewhat dimmer view.

I'm toying with the idea of posting it. Anyone got any idea how i should go about? I've heard its a lot cheaper to use Deutsche Post than the Royal Mail but whichever way i do it its going to be more than the price of a first class stamp.
If you send it by any form of civvy post other than Parcel Force, make sure you give them the German Civil address as Mill Hill will refuse to process it due to "revenue protection".
I just put all my service dress, blues, mess kit etc in several suit carriers, stamped my name and unit all over them, taped em together, and put em in the hold..... it being crab air and load your own baggage into the hold stylee, made sure that they went somewhere where they wern't going to get crushed, and hey presto, arrived with me, no problemo.
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