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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by spigot, Sep 10, 2005.

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  1. I am just about to embark on my first deployment on telic 7 and have sufferd the headache of sorting life out for RTMC, I am stumped for ideas for what to put in my MFO box though.
    has anyone got any suggestions?
  2. W**k mags, millions of em!!
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Really, not a lot - a set of Civvies - in csae you get a chance to get to Kuwiat on OSD - and a few more tee shirts / sports kit. Apart from that, yep, jazz mags of course :)

    There is a half-decent NAAFI/EFI system there for basic supplies - not cheap, though.

    As your going to be there over the wetter period, make sure you have a pair of Black boots, Goretex, and the like.

    Finally, some guys take Duvets and spare sheets.
  4. Thanks. have got those sorted now.
    am also taking laptop and digital camera (but not in the box!)
    what about a kettle?
  5. Doesn't really matter what you put in it, all the good ideas have been suggested, all your regular favourite cleaning kit, soap, razor blades etc. A quilt is a good idea, and even a pillow.

    Important thing is to send it, that way you got something to send stuff back in because the chances of you getting a box out there are slim.

    Hopefully there is still in place via RTMC the reclaiming for sending it, so you earn a few extra beer tokens into the bargain
  6. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    As you're there for a winter tour, i'd stick your warm kit, softie, winter sleeping bag etc in the box. It should be with you long before you need it and it's a good bit of bulk / weight saved. Other than that, books, mags or other things to fill in the time are a bonus. I wouldn't bother with extra shaving / washing stuff as i found it was easily available out there, and it wasn't expensive.
  7. You could buy a mini DVD player (£60-70 in Aldi/Lidl/Comet etc). Loadsa' knock off stuff going about out there, even before it hits the UK cinemas. Bedside rug or a small clip on lamp. Mini kettle and some china cups. Proper pillow or fleece liner for your bag. As they say any fcuker can be uncomfortable.
  8. Thanks for the advice, very much appreciated.
    everythings waterproofed up and ready to go...
    next stop medical/dental thn hurry up and wait.
  9. Nothing you need!

    It'll never get there in time, so plan accordingly.
  10. most people out there will leave stuff for you, loads of quilts and kettles floating around.
    Like the man said, nothing youll need.

    Most comfy boxes turn up just over half way through your tour, although theyll have been sat at the port for a month or two.