MFO boxes

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Atomic245, Aug 9, 2005.

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  1. Hi guys,
    I am after buying cheaply of course MFO boxes for my move back to Germany ( I'm a Civvy) anyone got some for sale ?
  2. You can have my Bosnia one...its still in the fcuking system after 5 years.
  3. I've got a couple in the cellar you can have.

    You will have to collect them though.

    Mind you as I am in Germany this might not be of much use to you :)
  4. I recall using a couple of mfo boxes broken down as a makeshift path over the muddy entrance to the Sqn bar in Minden November 1991 for my promotion drinks.

    They should have dried out by now and you are welcome to them.