MFO box to Afghan

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Peter_Skellen, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. Hi all, I know there is the thread on kit to buy for an op tour, but I am looking for suggestions on what to put into my MFO box for afghan?

  2. ... your butler?

    (as you obviously cannot make up your own mind, and need everything done for you...)
  3. Hard core grot,

    The RMP wont mind in the slightest.....
  4. We've been told that MFO boxes are taking at least 3 months to get to theatre, and often more. Reason being it has to be shipped to Pakistan and driven through pretty dodgy areas to get to you.

    So probably not worth it, unless I've heard duff info.

  5. Im afraid your spare pants and kit you cant be arsed to carry on the plane is not deemed important enough to fly out so it does indeed go by ISO, by ship, to Pakistan. It then is overlanded to KAF where its passed onto where ever you are. If your deploying in Sept/Oct then you should of sent your box, via QM's, by now. Mine went 3 weeks ago but probably is still sat at Hullavington!!
  6. That would depend on where you are going to be based, If its Kaf then a TV, DVD player, PS3 etc is the way forward if you are going to the FOBs then less of the luxuries and more shampoo, shower gel, razors and other stuff that is like rocking horse shit out there.
    It does take ages for kit to get there but most SQMS/QM depts send it two months before you are due to deploy so it will arrive in the first month of you being there.
  7. I never used anything in my box; too busy.

    You can carry or buy the things you need.