Mexico: On the Road to a Failed State?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Brick, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. I came across this whilst reading up on organised crime in Cuba, don't ask, and thought I'd ask some of the American posters around here what they thought of it. Whilst it does make some good points I can't help but feel it's also being a little alarmist, but then I'm not a local or know much about the area. So do people think that something like this could actually happen?
  2. I live in austin texas and you cant even go into mexico without being worried about getting robbed or shot. People used to go there for day trips but it is a little to dangerous now.
  3. Currently working with someone who has spent a lot of work sneaking around Mexico and Latin America for Uncle Sam- she's pretty damn concerned. The weekenders to Tijuana have just about ground to a halt for all except those who are desperate to see a donkey show.
  4. Do you know if these problems are nationwide or confined to the USA border and centers of power? I was recently talking to a woman that had just returned from Cancun and she mentioned nothing about this sort of stuff.

    Mexico was a damned good place to visit when posted to Belize.
  5. You just have to play one game of "Ghost Recon Advanced Warrior" or GRAW to realise how dangerous Warez in Mexico can be :D

    I was thankfully only on the Texas side of the Rio grande a few years ago in El Paso... stunning scenery but it did make you think twice about wanting to make an excursion over to Warez!
  6. It looks like yet another casualty in the “war on drugs.”

    I don't believe that the west's drug problems would get any worse if we legalised and taxed the lot.

    The gain, of legalisation, would be a massive reduction in crime, at home and abroad. Particularly it would improve the situation in Afghanistan enormously.
  7. What you have to remember about Cancun is that it was created out of nothing, specifically to be a tourist resort. Everyone who is there is there to cater to the tourist trade and they know better than to upset the apple cart.

    TJ has always been a bit on the dodgy side, but is reportedly getting completely out of control. There have been running battles between Federal and local police (literally, not figuratively- they've been shooting at each other)and the cartels have been going toe to toe with the army in the past couple of years. Mexico City is one of the biggest markets for up-armoured SUVs.
  8. I know that most of the border towns are dangerous as shit
  9. Blackjack Pershing, where are you when we need you? :roll:
  10. Why don't the wet backs just ask for PHYSICAL US support?

    Mexi's are scared of retaliation against theirselves, families etc. Understandable in a society where the blood fued still holds king.

    Surely, if asked, the US could, with Mexican Gov support, put an "Untouchables" type unit in there but acting under Mexican law, not US law.

    Then give them diplomatic status and access to Predators :)

    The Yanks, like us, fail to Police their own country because of their own countries laws. Remove those restrictions and send them to a foreign country that is the "source" and Roberts your mothers brother.

    Doesn't translate to Afghanistan or Iraq by the way, before someone brings them up. Those are major military action operating under the required rules. Mexico isn't a "rogue state", just a "nearly there" one that needs their criminals planting.
  11. That was true of the tourist area (the bit where the USA style hotels are). What about the "old" part? I am years out of date but there used to be 2 Cancuns. The old and the new parts. We tended to drink in the old bit (but not always) when I was going there.

    No major violence problems in either back then (C. 1985-93). Time has moved on and things probably have changed. They certainly did in Belize during that time zone.
  12. A fantastic idea with one probable major draw back.

    If we are reading about this - How many members of their government will have in one way or another already creeped over to the dark side?

    If it ever got to the state where US Law Men needed to take the hands on approach then I think too many of the Mexican Heads of Shed would have already slipped on their white suits and started attentding drug cartel garden parties.

    Is their a next step before military intervention.

    I think the solution to such a problem is for the locals to fight fire with fire. Declare War on the cartels. Make it a Specific military problem and not a quasi police/Law enforcement agency/certain parts of the armed forces problem. That would push the smaller fish underground and show the true colours of the bigger ones.
  13. I was in TJ a few years back (2004) with my church to build houses on the outskirts of the city. Our work site was across from a low level cartel box. It had a nifty fence, and there some shady guys who seemed to have a patrol route through the neighborhood. They gave me some nasty looks, but as a gringo, I knew the cartel had no use harming me (they'd just be hurting a potential customer). I saw alot heavily armed guys moving around when we went downtown (one group looked like a SWAT team about to raid a building, until we learned that they were infact hired guns GUARDING the building).

    My brother went on the same trip this summer, except they went to Rosarita instead, apparently due to rising violence in TJ.
  14. Hm.. Problem there is that the locals are likely to be all topped by the druggies for so much as thinking the idea.

    Only way to do this? A joint "clear and present danger" type tasking. SF on the ground pinging the sites, Air Force in the air spashing the drug runners, and Navy in the local seas (CG perhaps) pulling them aside and finding out what´s in there.

    Meanwhile on this side of the pond, an immediate purchase of afghan marching powder would bring the afghan farmers on side, cut out the taliban, and the crop could be used for medicinal purposes.

    And be sold to users in pharmacies, with clean needles for next to nothing. Phasing out the drug dealers in uk.

    Quick change in law to make drug dealing a captial offence, not to mention the seizing of all assets beleived to be purchased with the procedes of drug money.

    All of sudden the market slows off. Or they have to make critical cuts in their profits.