Mexico (Cancun) May 2013

Hi guys... I am getting really excited to have booked my all inclusive holiday next year for 3 weeks in Cancun (11 May – 1st June 2013).

As this is my first time in Cancun, and travelling from the UK on my own, I'm just wondering if anyone has any good tips or advice for me? Things to do, places must see, how's the weather, Things to avoid, safety etc.

Slightly apprehensive about travelling on my own and would like to meet other people. I would love to get out about about to experience the local culture and history - I'm not the type who justs sits arse on a sun lounger in hotel resort for 3 weeks! :eek:)

Many thanks!
I have had the money changers try to take £'s and give the $ rate. Otherwise it was OK.
I've been to Cancun twice. It was full of Yank birds in itty bitty denim shorts who adore Brits and go "Gee, love your accent," even if you're a Scouser or Brummie.

The main place was Senior Frogs, which is open til about 2am, and also there's Dady O and Dady Rock. But there are loadsa smaller bars and clubs there.

Topless is allowed on the beaches, but Yank birds don't really do topless that much.

The ancient Mayan ruins of Chitchen Itza are worth a visit. If you look on the tourist maps, You'd think it was just out of town, but it's actually a 3 hour bus trip there.

There was a series of Geordie Shore filmed there last year, which is a more up to date picture of what Cancun is like.
Remember not to set up a rival drugs cartel during your two week stay or you may find yourself sans genitalia, hanging from a flyover bridge with the footage posted on

If you manage that then feel free to empty your DNA into lots of Californian women's throats & anuses.
I hired a jeep to go to Chitchen Itza and stayed at a couple of towns in the vicinity which was nice. The roads are dreadful so don't drive fast. several times I thought that we were going for a spin out in the countryside.
there are some Mayan ruins actually in Cancun. Ask in your hotel. They are towards the airport end of the strip on the right and apparently rival Chichen Icha.

Use the local buses that run up and down the strip, IIRC fixed rate of 1 peso regardless of trip length. Stay out of the main town at the top end, very nasty. Watch the prices in the various shopping malls and watch out for the all you can eat places, there is ALWAYS small print!

Not sure if this still applies to tourists but still does for crew and certainly was for tourists too: They confiscate duty free inbound, getting it back is not easy. The whole ******* place is as bent as a bottle of chips.

The US teenies do lots of " Scream if you're from Kansas" type shit which gets wearing after a time. Then they pass out rather than put out as most of them go for the booze as they can pay with guns back home but run the risk of life in jail if they sneak one of Pop's ales. Go figure. they will all have more money than you. Pay more for your beer and preserve your eyesight, avoid Dos Equus.

Mozzie repellant and loperamide ( anti shits) essential.


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Remember not to set up a rival drugs cartel during your two week stay or you may find yourself sans genitalia, hanging from a flyover bridge with the footage posted on
There is always one, you know what it is? Cancun is a lovely holiday destination and a recent survey by indicated it is 345% more safe than Brighton so do not listen to that deranged ******* nutter.

There are lovely ruins from old civilizations and donkeys made of straw what you can buy from local artists. And there's birds selling local jewellery and dog meat pancakes and all sorts. Hats. Coloured hats. You can buy them.

You are there in May you say? Do us a favour? My lovely daughter, little golden haired Charlotte had to leave a suitcase full of teddy bears in Cancun because of... er... the flood.

PM me and you may bring it back for her. My people will meet you at the airport once you have cleared Customs.
My wife and I are holidaying in Cancun this year, our last holidays were in Cuba so Im gradually working my way west. Has anyone been in the last year or so and if so can they recommend any day trips. I've done the whole swimming with dolphins thing two years on the bounce so I'd be after something different.
OP attend your rep's welcome meeting and listen to what he/she tells you about the various excursions which can be booked. Then go to hotel reception and get the leaflets on the same things from other operators before deciding which ones to choose. There'll be things you maybe haven't thought of like sunset cruises on yachts or catamarans - very boozy of course lol.

Make sure you pack a good medical kit - absolutely essential. Include things like mossie repellent, lotions for insect bites, Immodium, paracetamol, plasters, bandages, aftersun, etc etc.

Bring or buy books. You're in a resort so learn to relax in the sun. It is something you've got to learn. Yes, spend some time sightseeing, but the holiday you've picked isn't a cultural one so take it for what it is and enjoy it.
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When Mrsdriver and me went to Cancun, the hotel was on a highway with nothing close except what looked like jungle. We were advised to stay within the confines of the hotel complex which was massive. They arranged a coach into the nearest town which I can only describe as a khazi and were taken to an area which had very posh shops together with the usual tourist tat. There were heavily armed police about but we were able to go onto the beach. I think the best advice I can give you is listen to what the hotel tell you about the local area, we were advised to stay put, yours may be ok. Have a good holiday.
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