Mexican Stand-Off: The Dangerous Paralysis of Civilization

This is from a blogger . If I could only understand what he is saying,I think he has a point ?

It's "deja vu all over again". Apparently the ideological tie that afflicted the US Presidential Election six years ago, and the deadlock that Thomas Mann has been writing about for a number of years, isn't just an American thing. If Europe is becoming less convinced of its cultural bet on appeasement, as a result of recent events, that may simply mean the impasse is spreading


Ahhh...very interesting....

A physicist named Edward T. Jaynes recently wrote a book about a methodological split in probability theory that I didn't know existed: Probability Theory: The Logic of Science. (h/t: Candace on NRO's PhiBetaCon) To make a long story short, it's a book extolling the virtues of Bayesian probability theory, which is a rather esoteric topic for the layman. But the basic idea of Bayesian probability is pretty simple, and intuitively realistic. It's that once an event happens, or we become certain of it's occurrence, it changes the contextual circumstances for the next choice or option in a critical path series of uncertainties or contingencies. That's kind of a mouthful, for the insight that "what happens matters".

Almost a subtle (tho' to my mind divisive) report, but I think all I can add that when one follows a path you knew lead to a dead end on an elongated peninsula, a bit late to blame the map reader. The issues of American Foreign policy and where they were headed were well known during the cold war, and there can be no doubt that 911 wasn't a beginning of something. I cite the actions of Burgess, Blunt, Philby and Maclean, and tho' I believed them traitors as a youth, they have over the last years become not traitors (as they did actually say when they defected) but heroes (***Nehustan pencils in that he must suggest a statue of the Cambridge Spies one day***). The statement that 'what happens matters' is surely a truism, but we have choices (more than would be admitted to) as to what actually occurs. Let's just say geopolitical and economic positioning has coloured choices that are presented as 'the only options' far more than supposéd threat from Islam.

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