Mexican Ration Packs?

G'day Team

Mrs Timmypig & I had [pseudo]Mexican for dinner on Friday night, and out of nowhere, eating a burrito, I started wondering "what's in a Mexican ration pack?"

Anyone ever had one? I've seen British compo (isn't that what they're called?), and MREs, and Italian and French ones, but never considered Mexican rations before.

No idea what is in it, but rumour has it that the constituent materials are:

Rat - 20%
Tabasco sauce - 20%
Sawdust - 10%
Diesel - 50%
ive got a spanish one in my collection and its dire,,,
squid in ink,,,
tripes in sauce..
no brew kit...
can openers good and sos the cooker..
hexamine tablets are called..crack..
I had a strange lump of dehydrated meat in my Mexican rat pack.
When I added tequila, as per the instructions, it turned into a small lizard.

and it tasted like sh1te!
Never hada a mexican one, but I did have Korean ROC army ration. Freeze dried kimchi was actually pretty damn good.

I couldn't identify most of what I was eating but it all was freeze dried.


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FFBox said:
pupgreen said:
ive got a spanish one in my collection and its dire,,,
Is it only me that finds this a wee bitty worrying? :D
How can the biggest spotter and kit collector in NATO find that worrying?
Now if you said you were jealous that would be the FFBox that I know

Hows my favorite three bar + :wink:
crabtastic said:
Steven said:
The Mexican army buys its ratpacks from the spams.

So El Squaddie eats MREs.
On a related note, Taco Bell opened up it's first "restaurant" in Mexico last month.

You really have to wonder sometimes.
I wish that they would open one up over here, I fcuking love taco bell. In fact why don't they have them here, the food is great, surely they would make a fortune?>
Was on exercise with the Greeks many moons ago. At the end of the exercise coming down from the mountain, fluffy sheep grazing quite contentedly....Yep, one shot, one paid yokel shepherd and a cracking BBQ that night. (Most of their rats were mre)

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