Mexican mum nicked for kids carrying drugs!!!

Charge over 'children with drugs'
A Mexican woman has been charged after Heathrow customs officers allegedly found 15kg of cocaine tied to the legs of two children.
Elisa Vazquez Sanchez, 40, was charged with attempting to smuggle a quantity of Class A drugs into the UK.

The drugs, which have an estimated street value of £675,000, were found during a search on Tuesday.

A 13-year-old boy has been released on bail while an 11 year-old girl was released without charge.

Social services

Both children have been placed into the care of social services.

The boy has been asked to attend Heathrow Police Station on 10 April.

A woman and two children were stopped and searched at Terminal 4 of the west London airport after they arrived on a British Airways flight from Mexico City.

Ms Sanchez will appear at Uxbridge Magistrates' Court on Thursday.

Must be a slow news day. This kind of thing happens regularly at LHR, LGW and MAN.

In the last 10 years I've intercepted 2 parents who hid the drugs on the child or in the childs baggage, carried by the child. One woman even had packets of cocaine hidden in the babies nappy.
Well to be fair aren't the child rearing expert always banging on about engaging with children and getting them involved in what you're doing? ;)
I see a wrongful arrest here. The poor woman is nicked but the drug smuggling kids get off scott-free that can't be right.

I'm outraged to say the least .

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