Mew USMC Commandant's Planning Guidance Hot off the Presses

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Oct 27, 2010.

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  1. Well, the long-haired boss was snoring gently, so...

    I'm curious about the intended audience - it's addressed to Marines and their families, but it's written like our firm's quarterly investors report... Four "Priorities", twenty-plus bullet points... at least the "top priority" is clearly stated.

    Meanwhile - call the language police! "Fully Operationalize Marine Corps Training & Advisory Group". Turning adjectives into verbs. "Our Values-Based-Training must be central to a Marine’s professional development and expanded beyond its current entry-level focus. We will infuse it throughout our training and education system, ensuring our core values remain central throughout our service." Nice to know "Increase Energy Efficiency" gets mentioned ahead of "Improve Support to Homeland Defense".

    Still, at least the Commandant issued one. Beats the British equivalent - either a quick paragraph in Part 1 Orders that no-one reads, or the CO having a Really Good Idea...
  2. Very Interesting indeed, Colonel. So when are you going to pack your bags for Guam? ;-) :p :p

    I see the Commandant quoted an Obammy-ism in his guidance, viz:

    "So it's true...freedom isn't free, but the United States Marine Corps will pay most of your share." President Barack Hussein Obama 24 July 2009

    What the hell does that mean and what does that jack-ass know about paying the price of freedom anyway? I bought my ticket fair and square with my Army service; no body had to pay the fare for me. I have the service-connected disabilities to prove it. And what about my mate, Charley an Army master sergeant who came back 100% disabled from a 2007 tour in Iraq? I reckon he's paid in full too. These god-damned politicians just don't get it.

  3. Obviously this publication is for several audiences beyond the primary one of the USMC. I hope he is not trying too hard to prove himself in light of his being the first fly boy boss.

    I did like seeing the due dates after each "tasking." As for the "mil speak" I suppoe it is inevitable in that the General (and more to the point his staff of " Bright lights" ) are steeped in such jargon.

    I also cringed at seeing Him being quoted. I feel sorry for the poor major who had to try to find the needle in the haystack of a quote that was worthy of the nature of tbe document amidst all the flotsam and jetsam of apologies for US military power (I won't discuss His IMHO unforgiveable and crass accusation that the US was "air-raiding villages" in a context of widespread and wanton criminality of our forces all for the sake of currying favo(u)r with His anti-military political base) or at best gross faux pas like mispronouncing "corpsmen" that demonstrates just how remote He is from our military. His various carefully orchestrated photo-ops with military personnel come across as the charades that they are.
  4. So it's not "two up and a bag of smoke"?
  5. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer


    So training in 'management speak' is now part of standard USMC training.

    Gawd help the USMC if any officer has to make a genuinely inspirational speech.

  6. Frankly I am finally glad to be "over the hill." Since other expert psychiatric or clairvoyant ARRSERs on other threads have deemed me to be "afraid" of homosexuals, hopefully I will either be dead or too old to care when the first infantry company commander moves into base housing with his boyfriend.
  7. Remember this General is an AVIATOR! ;-) We still have a few who can do that:

    16 Most Hair-Raising General Mattis Quotes | The Atlantic Wire
  8. I can just see Gunny Highway beasting his boys up and down 'Sweetheart Ridge'!
  9. "Paper-work will ruin any military force"
    - Lieutenant-General Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller

    Chesty, where are you now that we need you?