Metrosexual men happy with bouquets

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Jun 17, 2005.

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  1. Belfast Telegraph, today

    "The metrosexual man has reached Belfast.

    Until now, the bouquet was the preserve of the mother, the prom queen and the Oscar-winning starlet.

    But fathers in Northern Ireland are looking forward to receiving floral tributes this Sunday, a survey from Interflora claims.

    The company's latest poll has revealed that some 70% of Belfast dads would be delighted to receive flowers on Father's Day."

    If the bat dares, she'll get a garden spade around the ears. Just a warning.
  2. MDN wanted to get his dad a pressie for Fathers Day, his mum told him he looked just like his dad...

    She just couldnt make her mind up which one.

    ter-bum-tis :D
  3. Is this just a NI thing. If my boy! gets me a bunch of bl00dy flowers he'll never hear the end of it!!!
  4. If I got my dad a bunch of flowers for Fathers Day he`d kick my face in....and rightly so :D
  5. for my fathers day i want a Fûck-a-Gram with an 18yo fit totty , not a bunch from Interflora ! :D
  6. Now you're talking. But not from Sandy Row. Or Ballynahinch, come to that.
  7. Metrosexual?
  8. It's all part of a larger scheme, I suspect.
  9. Some of the Geordies on this site thought it was a sex shop in Gateshead.
  10. Metrosexual: a portmanteau combining "metropolitan" and "sexual", referring to an urban male of any sexual orientation who has a strong aesthetic sense and spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle. He is the fashion-conscious target audience of men's magazines (loaded, FHM etc).

    Judging by the amount of religiously/terrorist- sanctioned gay-bashing that goes on in NI, the population over there could do with a bit more metrosexuality.
  11. so metrosexual is a straight bloke who likes to act like a puff. ooooooooook
  12. Well, sort of, except having sex with other blokes (pretty important when it comes to acting like a puff) generally doesn't float the boat of most stright blokes. Besides, labelling people according to sexual stereotypes is a bit of a non-starter. There are plenty of puffs who look straighter than many straight blokes, especially in the Army.
  13. Flowers for blokes? I can live with that. Only problem is that are not enough green graves to put them on.
  14. "There are plenty of puffs who look straighter than many straight blokes, especially in the Army. "

    Yes Booty and you should know.
    Booty Booty can't catch me. Oh OOH fast arn't you.