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Out of interest, how did your TA Live go? One Army recruitment my arse!

It'll be interesting to see if TA Live 2 goes some way to integrate the one Army recruitment which you so long for!
Technically I think you'll find that should be one defence force, and if Capita carries on for much longer one fire team......


Book Reviewer
The TA is still alive and kicking. The Army (and the TA) may not like it, but until the law is changed, the TA it remains. The law is due to be changed by, possibly, the end of this year. Until then it stays as the TA Forum as it is still the TA.

Anyway, whose bright idea was it to change the offer, change the name, and change the recruiting system - all at once? Any Meeja experts out there who know anything about 'branding' and marketing who would care to comment on this clever bit of timing? In my in-expert view one at a time is traumatic, but all three at once could be a disaster. Well, probably is a disaster for the time being. The change to Capita was not the fault of the Army (or even the TA) so they can't be blamed for that. The change of name - good idea, if done carefully. but the change of offer? Has that been thought through, properly? We will see...

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