Metpol Officers Winning the Iron, really

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by marco_poloroid, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. Wilkin
    German Iron Cross
    With PC Thain on motorcycle escort duty rode deliberately into path of oncoming vehicle whilst escorting President of Germany on State visit in Banstead en route to Gatwick Airport

    I thought this was an urban myth. Turns out it's true. I understand at least one of the officers is still serving. Before any smartarse says they should have been reported for dangerous driving :wink: , they were awarded the decoration as they were under the impression that they were under terrorist attack. What actually happened, was the driver of the vehicle had suffered a fatal heart attack at the wheel, causing the car to head straight for the entourage.

    The burning question for me is; did/do the officers wear the decoration on their tunics/working rig?

    Does anybody else know of any other members of the disciplined services who have also earned or won unusual foreign decorations, which they are entitled to wear?

    Answers on a postcard......
  2. I know I would! Not as a racist statement....but because I had one! It has to be one of the best looking medals (hmmmm, I might start a thread!)
  3. More here

    edited coz I can't work the linky bit
  4. bejaysus Ulster you were quick off the mark! know any more about it?
  5. Surgeon General William Manley. Awarded the VC during the Maori War in 1864 as a surgeon attached to the Artillery.

    During the Franco Prussian War he was in command of a British Field Ambulance Division supporting the Prussians and was awarded the Iron Cross as well as a host of other Prussian / Germanic decorations and a Croix de Guerre.
  6. And before anyone gets all hot under the collar... the MoD website is wrong. The RAMC has TWO double VCs
  7. Impossible as the Iron Cross hasn't existed as an awardable decoration since 1945. Whatever German gong was awarded, it wasn't an Iron Cross.

    If you read this, you'll see why.
  8. Thain
    German Iron Cross
    With PC Wilkin on motorcycle escort duty rode deliberately into path of oncoming vehicle whilst escorting President of Germany on State visit in Banstead en route to Gatwick Airport. See Encyclopedia under Special Escort Group
  9. This is where I got the info from. I cannot recall where I heard the story from, but when I googled it, this site came up. However, it is not an official Metpol site, but it confirmed my suspicions.

    Cdo Gunner; the Wikipedia entry doesn't actually rule out the possibility of awards post 1945. Note, this will of course be the civil award as opposed to the military award.
    So stick that in yer pipe and smoke it :wink:
  10. Sorry but, It's impossible for him to have been awarded an Iron Cross because the award does not exist! I can well imagine someone calling a German cross shaped award an iron cross but it simply cannot be.

    Chances are it was one of these
  11. No, it doesn't rule out the possibility of it being reintroduced but for that to happen it has to be during a time of national crisis, ie. Napoleonic war, Franco-Prussian war, WWI and WWII, it's not on a case by case basis. For example it was impossible for a soldier to be awarded an Iron Cross during the Spanish Civil War. Even the '57 version is not a reinstitution of the award, rather a denazified version of the 39 version, ie. only available to those who'd been awarded one or more of the grades during the war.

    also, there's no such thing as a 'civil' version, the 1914 version did have a 'non-combatant' version but that's it.
  12. Cdo; cheers for your obviously informed and informative post. You clearly know a shedload more than I do regarding this subject! It did sound too good to be true. I am going to contact the source of the info (as per previous linky thing) and also the Met,to bottom out what the award was.
  13. Another VC Winner with a foreign decoration for bravery is Brigadier John Alexander Sinton VC OBE FRS MB DL. As well as the VC he was awarded the Russian Order Of St George for bravery and Mentioned in Dispatches six times. He is claimed by both Canada (where he was born) and Ulster (where he grew up and is buried).

    The citation to his VC reads:

    "For most conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty. Although shot through both arms and through the side, he refused to go to hospital, and remained as long as daylight lasted, attending to his duties under very heavy fire. In three previous actions Captain Sinton displayed the utmost bravery."

  14. I see it's been amended on the site to 'A German award'. If i was a betting man i'd wager on some version of the verdienstkreuz but it would be interesting to know for sure what they got.

    Going from memory here but as far as Brits getting German or rather Nazi German awards go, i believe the only combat decoration awarded to a Brit was to Thomas Cooper who served in the Waffen-SS and received a wound badge for wounds sustained on the eastern front. Other than that, there were a number of awards made prior to the outbreak of war. On the military side this included a number of German Red Cross decorations handed out in 1937 to naval personnel during the Spanish Civil war who treated wounded German sailors of the battleship Deutschland.