Methyl E supplement

Is "Methyl E" (2a, 3a Epithio - 17a - methyl - 17b - hydroxy - 5a - androstane) legal under CDT?

If not I need the MoD reference specifically stating as such.

Many thanks.
Branded as "Methyl E" by EST.
The JSP is very vague.


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ok here is her advice and she's very 'up' on supplements - she's a marathon runner.

''This is a whole segment of Pharmacy
However as it's 'legal' then I think that it's petri dish science. ie in the body it doesn't turn into something worth taking!!
The worst side efeect will be to his wallet, I think!!''


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It's not my advice it's from a pharmacist who has a special interest in supplements. I do know she takes glucosamine hydrochloride as she's a runner and milk thistle because she likes a glass or few of wine.
Cheers chaps, was trying to nip something in the bud and keep one of the blokes out of the poo before it starts.


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Supplements are big business and I've never been convinced that anyone except maybe top athletes need them.
People read the boxes and ingredients but often don't know what is in the food they eat. A number of ingredients the body cannot store such as vitamin c so they are eliminated.
If I have anyone who needs advice I've found the NHS dieticians will happily spend ten minutes on the phone for free. I bet if people phoned the local hospital switchboard and asked to speak to a dietician they'd be happy to advise. People tend to love giving advice and talking about their job. I'm sure they'd appreciate being posted some nuts and dried fruit as a thank you too.

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