Method of Instruction Certificate.

Im on the blag,

I did a M of I course as a sproggy lance jack back in the early 90's. It was at Krefeld I think it was 43 AEC. I have lost the certificate due to 6 house moves and a shredding addiction.

I can avoid having to go backwards and doing a similar course only if I can produce documentary evidence. It doesn’t need to stand up to close scrutiny.

Has anybody got a copy of a method of instruction certificate they can scan and send me and with a bit of jiggery pokery from a work colleague job sorted.

I wouldnt normally go down this route bit it would be a waste of tax payers money and my time doing the course.


What course do you need this cert for?

I don't beleive you've only done MOI... and if you have you should go back and re-do.

Have you PTI, Recog, BCDT, Mapric et al?

What abut various senior courses etc?

Is it on your records? Or a photocopy/cse report on P file?


Ring Glasgow - they've got absolutely everything on file, and can get you a copy in, say, six to eight months?
DITS walt!!!
It should also be in your red book if you still have it (or if you even got one).
Never thought of that will have a look cheers
MOI was replaced by BIT which was replaced by DIT, so far it's all been SHiT. I vaugely recollect being told that unless anyone held a current instructor qual then they were to do DIT.
I have current inst quals. Most likely won't need anything. Never noticed it missing from JPA bloody rare I go anywhere near it. The records of all the courses are dated for when I joined TA and it must have been recorded from my regular record. The explanation I got was the clerk had to match it to the nearest qual and may not have know what M of I was. Still should have been a PAMPAS record though. I'm certain it was on pre JPA. Not bothered about doing course again, do it with my eyes shut £500 in the beer money pot come to think of it.

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