METHANE Reports - Still Current

About to start a Generic COIN Ops Phase for my unit and am knocking up the Trg Prog

Going through my old Trg Material and lesson plans

Do we still use METHANE Reports or has it now meen superseeded/absorbed into something else

I have the Op Herrick Individual Aide Memoire Vs 3 - Mar 09 and it isn't in the R2 section.

So is it still used???


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9liner and MIST these days
9liner and MIST these days
Cheers. Thats what I thought from my H11 tour but I was so far from the front line I had to take my washing forward.
If you have a look on the AKX there are up to date TAMs and individual aid memoires on there not to mention all R2's in PDF format that can be printed off and laminated.
MIST has been superseded twice now. Went to MISTAT, now it's ATMIST. A is Adult or Child T is Time of Injury.
9 liners the same though.

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