Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Jack Ingough, Dec 14, 2013.

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  1. Just seen three over Berkshire. Anyone else seen any of this years geminids yet?
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  2. Saw one last night and 2 this morning. Still can't locate Comet ISON.

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  3. Saw quite a few last night.

    It is the Geminid meteor shower.
  4. About 3.00 quick white flash near Orion's belt. I am in quite a dark area so I see a fair few anyway.
  5. Just lower than the belt I witnessed the Geminids in alignment with a puckered cluster, ive been told the cream will help.

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  6. I saw one about 340 this morning.
  7. ISON is pretty much bust. It fell apart somewhere around perihelion. Although there does appear to be some remanent fragments, these are way below visible magnitude. Sorry.
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  8. I'm bolloxed here there is so much light pollution in Saigon :-(
  9. I saw a BFO lump of rock flying over Bovington in ´73 or´74,it was so close there was no tail and all I could think at the time was that it was a bit close for comfort,there was something on the news that night and it was travelling Westwards from East England but do any of you clued up types know its name or `number´,I´ve tried to find the bugger on the internet but haven´t found anything?

    Not a `wah´!
  10. Me and the missus saw about 12 or so whilst having a sly tab at 2-ish this morning. It helps the sky is as black as the ace of spades in Northumberland.
  11. I thought so, but I was talking to a local OAP who reckoned he'd seen it on Wednesday!

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  12. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    No meteors here in Teesside. They bounce off the pollution
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  13. Last time I saw a Meteor was in 1958 when I climbed out of the cockpit of a TT20 after a target towing flight off Malta. Not seen since.
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  14. Is there a record on meteorites?

    June 20th 2011, around midnight, I stood on a beach in Fiji, beer in hand. Just as I turned to go there was a flash in the sky and and a large streak of light which appeared to to head straight down to the ocean on or just over the horizon. This wasn't a shooting star - it came down and impacted earth in a big yellow streak.

    Any ideas? Space junk?
  15. Saw quite a few about 2 ish as I drove over Shap on the M6 whilst on night patrol.