Meteor - 2 MILLION a pop!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by codbutt, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. This was on Flight International site.
    So, this missile will cost 2 million quid a pop? Surely, advanced AMRAAM would have been way, way cheaper. Where's the super-advanced air threat that needs a missile better than AMRAAM? And this, my friends, is smart procurement.......
    No wonder they wanted Sea Harrier binned - a fighter that carried AMRAAM and had a superb radar for years before Eurotrash flew.

    According to the report, assessment work has "concluded that Typhoon's existing [Raytheon AIM-120] Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile would provide sufficient capability out to 2015," and adds that this is now "the earliest point at which the Department now expects to need the capability". Development work on the long-range weapon will conclude by August 2012, however.

    In addition to the delay, a decision to also cut the UK's planned purchase of Meteor weapons to the minimum contractual level possible has resulted in a doubling of the weapon's original expected unit cost, to £2 million.

    The NAO report also reveals an in-year slippage of six months to the planned in-service date for the British Army's Watchkeeper unmanned air vehicle system (below), citing "a delay in the availability of a suitable trials site". However, the system is still expected to enter service in December 2010, earlier than its original programme target.
  2. It's costing more because of a cut in numbers to be procured, if/when other nations buy it the unit price will drop, oh and we went with Meteor to give the EF a no US affiliated armament package to make exporting the bird easier
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    This could be why:

    So, potentially much better performance than current missiles . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . and the EU requirement for buying EU-sourced military hardware might play a factor in this too - that and sharing the development and production costs.

    Most of the missile components are made by EU manufacturers.

    Not to mention:

  4. God bless the war on terror, keeping defence contractors in work for some years to come.
  5. Clearly we will need this ASAP with the amount of aerial dogfights we are having :roll:
  6. I wonder how the new missile will stack up against the upgraded version of the AIM-120 that's being fiddled with? Either way... it's a good thing no protracted wars against an equally industrial opponent are in the works.
  7. Just what was needed for the Cold War and European Gaps. Bit OTT for a couple of dozen guys in turbans hiding behind a class of school-kids?
  8. Bit of devils advocate:

    What about when we invade Iran? What about a resurgent Russia? China? France?
  9. What about an attack from aliens? Giant flies? Spending on risk management is interesting but threat has to be set against cost - surely?
  10. Giant flies? Isn't that what we've got Rapier for?
  11. Ill have one !
  12. Personally, I'd rather buy the AMRAAM or AIM-120 from the septics, live with the reduced capability and spend the spare cash on more Hellfire missiles instead. Apart from the R&D savings due to not having to re-invent the wheel and the logistical benefits of being able to use USAF munitions, as Dingerr says we aren't having too many dogfights right now, and if the situation changes in the future you can bet the RAF will fight tooth and nail to be fighting with the USAF with its AWACS, tankers and UAV capabilities.
  13. I must say I like the idea of a missile that can put on a kinematic performance. Is it available in Panavision(tm)?
  14. But in 5 years time? Far too many people on here treat capabilities not currently in use as surplus to requirement.

    After all, we're not engaged in AS warfare so lets scrap all the ASW platforms....and promptly run out of food, fuel and ammo within 2 days of warfare against an enemy sailing around with Old school Kilos across our LOS...........

    Not forgetting the joys of flying into KAF in Tristars as Chinese J7's go dogfighting all over them.......

    Just because it's not happening right now, doesn't mean we wouldn't need it in 5 years time, and I'd rather be able to build in here, than hope the LOS from the USA isn't cut by subs in the Mid Atlantic......
  15. Seconded. Many of the denigrators of systems which apparently have no "current or apparent use in the near or foreseeable future" are the ones who also point out we were nearly caught with our pants down in 1939 because we weren't going to have a war for 10 years and loudly praise Churchill.

    We won't have a nice buildup period come the next big one. :idea: