Metalsmiths to civvy street, want a job?

If there are any metalsmiths who want work in the power industry as a welder for a very large reputable company i have some contacts.

Class 1 tradesman prefered, apparently they push ex serviceman through as they recognise the skills achieved. they will train you (ie codify you) and put you to work. Work is seasonal and not full time but 25k for 5-6 months work is easily achievable, if your good and they see promise obviously they may keep u on full time but dont bargain on it.

drop me a PM with a few basics and i'll pass you the info.
They are based all over the UK, Think power stations and thats where they work.

Coal, Gas and Nuclear Stations so if your located near a bunch of them (as i am in north notts/yorkshire) then your more likely to be closer to home.

They have overseas work too, i am currently sub-contracted to this company in Hong Kong which is where i found out they are after welders and ex forces particularily welcome.

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