Metalsmith vs Air Tech

Discussion in 'REME' started by worm, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. I've been looking at joining the REME, and the two trades that caught my eye were Metalsmith and Aircraft Technician. The only problem is, I'm struggling to choose which one to go for.

    My background. I'm 22, spent a few years with the RMR, but I'm currently working in a bike shop (efforty push bike things, no motors unfortunately) as head mechanic. It's not that great, and I'm looking for something better, and remembering how much I enjoyed being in green before, I'm back to look at the army (but looking to get a trade and have something to show for my time)

    I've been discussing this with my family, and they've been saying go for Air tech as it's "better" and "harder" (presumably because the careers site lists higher quals to come out with).

    Basically, I'm on the scrounge for opinions. Is there anything I desperately need to know about either? Any vicious rumours? General "my trade is better" abuse?
    Cheers in advance.
  2. If you search the fora, you will find that this topic, amongst many, has already been done to death!

    If you try for Air Tech, you will need slightly higher qualifications for a start, you will have to study for and pass far higher maths and science papers, and it will take you far longer to move through the training system. Paperwork will become a major factor in your life! But you will be quickly promoted, paid reasonably well and you will have the makings of a good career when you leave.

    Metalsmiths tend to spend less time in training and are not promoted as quickly. However, whilst Air Techs are 10 a penny, you can never find a Metalsmith when you need one!

  3. Litotes nailed it on the head there. Metalsmiths are rarer and much more in demand. Postings are probably more varied and the skills you are taught and qualificcations are very well sought after in civvy street. Airtechs, however, have warp speed promotion up to Sgt but have very few relevant qualifications to take into the civvy world - aircraft being an industry that requires qualification and certification for good reason.
  4. I'll go with 'more varied', but the numbers of units with Metalsmiths are reducing under the next level of rebalancing as quite a few are centralised into the REME Bns.
  5. I faced the same choice 22 years ago when i joined up.

    I chose metalsmith and thoroughly enjoyed my time as a one of the chosen few. It is without doubt the best trade the army offers.

    I changed jobs later in life to armourer - another decision i don't regret.

    Life is all about choices, go with your heart and make the most of what comes along.
  6. Cheers for the replies. I popped down the careers office yesterday to have another chat, and pretty much had the same story from them.

    Picked up an application, so gotta get around to filling that out. I'm pretty much decided on Metalsmith, but we'll see what happens. Barb, interviews, selection, Phase I etc to get through first. From what I can tell, I reckon it's something I'll enjoy though.

    Nige. Out of curiosity, what prompted you to change trade?

    Also, bit of a walty question, but do REME bods have much chance of getting on an AACC? ('Tis the rubber dagger in me wanting another chance :p )
  7. Worm,
    I chose to retrade so that I could get promoted higher than SSgt, it's not such an issue now, but back in the day, metalsmith ceiling was SSgt. I went armourer so that I could become an artificer.

    It has also helped get to where I am now (Australia) although it wasn't the main reason for changing.

    I reckon being a metalsmith initially stood me in good stead for the rest of my life, even now I still stick the odd bit of metal together to save the day for a VM...
  8. In a money would be on the metalsmith. But then again my money would be on a schoolboy v airtech also.....just ;)