Metalsmith manning level?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Unknown_SPSI, Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. Anybody know what the current manning level is for the Metalsmith trade? Last time I as was told it was about 70%, I ask because an "ex" metalsmith (Class 1 Cpl) who has been out for less than six months has just tried to re-join only to be told, no thanks. I know the current policy on re-joins are very strict, but surely this is a bit barking.
  2. Maybe he was a waster and the Corps is happy to be rid of him.

    If manning is as good as people say, no point bringing dead wood back is there?
  3. Dont be fooled by figures Nige, manning across the Army may be good, but not in the Corps. Also the Corps didn't get rid of him, he left at his 12 year point because he thought it was good for him at the time. Now that he has seen different, he wants to re-join. So my questions is, if Metalsmiths are such a OPP trade, why the Fcuk not?

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