Metallica on ITunes?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by MrShanklysboots, May 20, 2008.

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  1. Did a search for a couple of tracks that I like. Imagine my surprise when in the UK shop at least the tracks that came up were all covers!

    Whats the sketch - have Metallica refused ITunes permission?
  2. The album artwork used to be on iShite , but it seems to have been taken down , cause I had to format my ipod (and reinstall itunes) recently and I cant get the album artwork anymore. Hopefully they're fighting the corporate machine - or something :D

    Buying music off itunes is a bad idea anyway , if you lose your hard drive content for whatever reason sometimes you cant get back music that youve paid good pennies for (I lost about £40 worth of music when my PC broke) :mad:
  3. Not at all. iTunes Europe is just a bit behind the USA where the full Metallica back catalogue is available for download. I say a bit behind, its been a while since Metallica announced the news on
  4. Why don't you use Limewire mate. Easy to use and it's free.
  5. It's the same with Radiohead. I assumed it was some kind of copyright issue.
  6. Happened to me, but with a slightly larger amount of purchased music!
    I emailed iApple iTechnical iSupport, and after they gave me a bollocking for not backing up my iLibrary to iCD they re-posted all my purchases, allowing me to download them again.

    That was back when i was bothered about copyright laws. Now limewire serves me just as well, if you sort out the ID3 tags and get the album artwork after importing them into iTunes.
    Lastfm. is good for finding track's albums and general info about the artist, as well as showing you recommended music from your selection.
  7. Incidentally, this was - apocryphally - James Hetfield mucking about in the studio.

    James Hetfield hates Rabbits?

    Whatever, I first heard it years ago - and being the Kid I am - I love it.
  8. Call me old fashioned , but I prefer my wall full of CDs 8) , once burned and all that. Limewires loaded with all manner of spyware and whatnot as well , you best be careful with it.
  9. Heed, have you tried Soulseek?

    Very easy to use, takes minutes to set up and it's free :D

    Shed loads of Metallica plus it's worth putting keywords like "demo or live" along with the artist and/or song title and you might come across some little gems.
  10. Note also that the Metallica catalogue is available at:

    Plus a whole load of live recordings (much od which is free) at:
  11. Hmm good to know its available on the US version, I'd always assumed it was either the record company refusing i-tunes permission or something to do with Metallica starting the court case that got Napster shut down (well forced to go legit). Hopefully i-tunes Europe wont be far behind
  12. Soulseek is one of the better p2p networks in my experience and most of the metallica stuff you want should be on there....allegedly.
  13. Agreed SG I've not encountered any bugs etc with it and have found some rare tunes on there.Downloaded stuff from ACDC to Radiohead and lots of obscure Beatles tracks and even Rage against the machine live.
  14. It's all to do with the Labels arguing over how much they get for each song downloaded. Some feel the 79p per song is not enough fopr what the song is worth. It has nothing to do with the Napster issue as that was about Metallica believing that they should (and rightly so in my opinion) be paid for their music. With iTunes everything is legit and paid for the band get their share and everyone is happy.
  15. Have you tried the mojo add on to i tunes fockin amazin all legit downloads take seconds and free!