Metallica Announce UK Tour

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Bradstyley, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. That'll be a good tour! Not seen them since Germany back in 1998 (?)
  2. If they play anything like as well on this tour as they did at the 02, it'll rock!
  3. They are still the best live band I have seen,great news.

    BTW is the new album any good?
  4. it :)
  5. Its a stonker, buy it now! :D

    Ill be up early to get to ticketmaster in glasgow :headbang:
  6. Can you recomend a single I should buy first?I ask as the last album had one or two good tracks but was generally unlistenable IMHO.
  7. I liked St Anger. It took a couple of listens to get into it. The new album mixes St Anger with a bit of their old style of music.

    I expected more from "Unforgiven III" though.
  8. St anger was not a 'bad' album imho it was just way too 1 dimensional coming from metallica.I think james was just singing the notes from his rehab sessions.

    If it is a mix of the old and new I hope it is a return to the 'and justice for all......' days. :twisted:
  9. The day that never comes, is the single that's out now. It's good. A bit melodic, but some of the other tracks are very heavy, again, thankfully.

    Downl *cough* The Judas Kiss, My Apocolypse, and The End of the line
  10. Hopefully we'll be seeing some old school stuff on this tour-the encore at O2 was Stone Cold Crazy, Jump in the fire + seek and destroy, I want a full crowd participation Creeping Death-DIE, DIE, DIE!

    James himself slated St Anger at that gig-"Heres one from the 'well loved' St Anger album, this one kicks a$$ though!" when introducing Frantic...
  11. Me not like St Anger.

    Me likie new album though. :D
  12. Hated St Anger, but love this. Bit of a mix of And Justice, the black album and Ride The Lightning, I reckon.

    I love Unforgiven III after a few listens, didn't at first. The Judas Kiss is a good old thrash song, among others.

    Suffice to say, I have my ticket ordered.
  13. Hopefully they will just nip across the N Sea and play in Bergen again.
    One lives in hope!

  14. washed up hasbeens.