Discussion in 'REME' started by Doughnut, Oct 24, 2005.

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  1. Can somebody out there help me on this one...please. Here I am sitting in my truck on Ex Loyal Ledger...on Salisbury plain.
    I have tried to demand some metal for my lathe to make the VM's a bush removal tool.

    I am told I cant demand it because it wont be here in time, and the demand will get Foxtrot Oscar'd if I put it in on anything more than a 13....which is no good because we are put of here on the 4th/5th /6th anyway.

    Three months ago I tried to demand some the metal for the lathe. A broad cross section of steel and brass bar, based on 16years experience on the lathe and having made umpteen widgets for the VMs on my know, I thought I would plan ahead. The ASM refused to sign the demands saying I could only demand metal for the lathe if I had a job for it. And now we are in the situation where i cant make anything on the lathe because I cant get the metal.

    So here I am on Salisbury Plain with a fitter section replacing major assemblies because I cant make the widgets for them, because I cannot get the metal. Is this the new thing in REME.........? Dont rely on an experienced tradesmans capabilities and allow him to use his experience to make decisions...and increase equipment availability for the Army. Looks like it . Am I to much "old School" ?

    Someone suggested go and visit another unit near here and see if they have it ? Fantastic idea.....but the demands system should allow us to demand the kit ...and metal we need to keep the equipment of the Army in good shape. But I have not been allowed to demand it in the first place...I feel like a goldfish in a bowl.

    Why cant I get metal for my lathe ?
  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Because NO is the uncontroversial answer.

    If they say NO then that is the end of it, if they say yes then they may just be called upon to explain why they said such a stupid thing.

    MiB....who has watched this for 23 years.
  3. Just hazarding a guess here but would the ASM be happy if you demanded sufficient metal to knock an SA80 together for him?
  4. Because it's all needed for goalposts and BBQ stands?

    Can't go wasting it on military equipment.
  5. Dear Murielson,

    Ah guessed it.......I am a suncorite sniffing Armourer. I have been approached by many to build up weapons for them, some very senior people have asked me to knock up SA80s for a "presentation piece"....yeah right if I would risks my pension for them.

    But as it happens.... I have tried demanding a small stock of fast moving weapon spares...butt plates, firing pins, handguards etc etc so I can repair weapons for the guys in an instant. Guess what...? That one got a foxtrot oscar as well. I am not allowed to demand weapon spares unless I have a job for them (it?)......the spare that is.

    So looks like this.... The regiment I am with wants to go on Ops, put a guy on guard or fire an APWT.... I cannot repair any range or exercise faults on the spot because I am not allowed to hold a stock of even fast moving I cannot provide a quality service to the customer. I dont care who the customer is...Infantry, RA....RLC I am here to repair their weapons. I am here top provide a repair service to the troops but the system wont let me.

    That makes my cap badge look pretty poor. I take pride in fixing kit, but the system is letting me down. I cant work like this anymore.
  6. Tell ya what, just say its a critical part of the FRES project, and you'll get whatever you need X 2.

    If not, then I suspect you'll have to buy your own metal...
  7. Now, perhaps I am being cynical here (and it has been known to happen :)), but this wouldn't all be caused by the fact that you might accidentally build a new weapon from all the spares you want to hold, is it? Are they afraid that you may just be able to knock out a spare gat, or is it down to the fact that the cash has to come from somewhere and they don't want to look like they are spending more money than necessary on spares (i.e. the "just in time" rather than "available when required" concept? :?)

  8. Maybe all the spares you would like for your battle pack all required in Iraq and Afghanistan, I know how frustating it is but if you where on OPs and all the spares were on SPTA you would winge louder. As for your widgets scrounge what you can, make your widget and then put it up as a GEMS.
    Alternatively you can get your ass outside and give the VMs a hand, I'm sure they would love a brew.
  9. Can't means won't

    won't means..............

    Stop winging you gun fitting pleb and make the PC a new salt and pepper pot for fecks sake.

    In my day you just got on with it........whatever "it" was, Kids these days......I ask ya?
  10. I don't normally butt into corps/regiments forums, but have you thought of less official means of obtaining stores? being a navy Tiff, I don't know how the engineering organisation in the Army works, but do you not have large workshops on camp that you could approach with the appropriate inducements ( the standard being jars of Gold Blend....) to get hold of goodies?
    Working in the dockyard, there are various places one can go to get stuff, as long as one comes bearing gifts, which I can usually scrounge from the caterers. I am not trying to be condescending, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.... 8)
  11. Kinda misses the point, ifhe's got to scrounge the necessary gear for his job.

    what next, infantry buying body armour and boots?
  12. This is impossible, as each weapon has a master serial Number. That part cannot be held as spares and is exchanged on a one for one basis. This stops Armourer's being able to build buck-shee weapons.

    In the case of a rifle, it's the TMH.
  13. get your butt up to 6bat they will help you out if your on the plain
  14. Gents,
    I know what you are saying, a jar of coffee for some scratch my back , I will scratch yours. Its just that after 16yrs doing my job and then getting to a unit that has no respect for your abilities....its very disheartening. Its not the Regiment I am with that is working against me, its the Workshops.

    I know how to get the metal, I know how to scrounge the spares, I have done all that in years gone by,. Its just that when the system that i am there fighting with, will not let me demand the kit i need to do my job...and then ridicules me and in some cases punishes me for not fixing kit, expects me to use my "initiative" to get the spares/metal....i think why should I bother........

    I have earned several commendations on Op Tours for making widgets so i do know what I am talking about......

    thanks Mr Twist to Open in 6Bn...if I can get out of here I will find you ...and bring some goodies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. What sort of background does your ASM have?

    Bet he's not Vehs, probably some sort of Tech spanker. If per chance he was once a VM he must have been a squatter. God forbid that he was once one of gods choosen few and forgotten all he ever cherished. If he was he should take himself away and shoot himself. Come to think of it he should shoot himself anyway.

    ASMs are there to keep the sh1t off the workers and make sure they have all the requirments needed to provide the best possible service to the unit they are supporting.
    Is he a good guy normally, or is he one of those who would rather not make a fuss in case it messes up his chances of commissioning?